10 Pool Party Games to Try

kids playing games in poolMany people like having pool parties to celebrate their birthday, graduation, or other special occasion. It’s because pool parties look festive and ideal for people who want to revel in the water. You can incorporate many themes in a pool party; that’s why a lot of homeowners consider them for family gatherings. To have an amazing pool party, every host should create a well-executed plan, from decorating the venue to preparing delicious snacks. It is also essential to think of fun games to avoid dull and boring moments.

Fun Pool Party Games

It is quite challenging to think of fun games on the day of the party itself. That’s why it is vital to list exciting activities on your mind. Make sure to remember all the rules to avoid misunderstandings when announcing the winner. You can also prepare for simple gifts to reward your friends who will participate in the game. Here are some of the best activities that you can try with your friends:

  1. Diving Game – For this game, you need some items that will be thrown in the pool. The players need to dive into the water and find these things in the shortest time possible. The fastest player who will find the items will win the game. You can also make this a team game. Try to list several items that each team must find. The fastest team who can complete all the things in the checklist will be proclaimed winners.
  2. Find the Water Bottle – For this game, you need to prepare a clear plastic bottle with white or clear cap. You need to fill it with water so that the water will sink in the pool. Instruct the players to line up on the pool deck with their backs on the water. Throw the transparent bottle in the pool then ask the players to find it. The first one to find and get it will win the game. As a variation, you can have a scoring system to determine the winner.
  3. Jump Rope Water Splash – This game is ideal for both kids and adults. It is a thrilling activity that only requires a few materials. First, you will need to prepare jump ropes and plastic or paper cups. To perform Jump Rope Water Splash, you need to fill the cups with water. Two persons will twirl the jump rope as the other player jumps up and down while holding the cup with water. The person who has the longest time to keep the water in the container will be declared as the winner. You can also add ‘twists’ to this activity, like making a relay or adding an entertaining consequence to those who will lose the game.
  4. Ping Pong – Ping Pong is a timeless game that you can play in and out of the water. All the players need to defend their side by not letting the ping pong ball pass. What makes this game fun is the challenge when played in the water. The players may find it difficult to move in the water as they defend their area.
  5. Shark Game – This is a thrilling game that everyone at the party can enjoy. To play the Shark Game, you need to choose who will be the first ‘shark’. This player is allowed to go in and out of the water to tag other people. All the players can only stay in the water. They need to avoid being tagged by the shark because once caught, they will need to help the shark to tag all the remaining players. For a variation of this game, all the players who will be caught need to freeze for a moment. Only the players who have not been caught can unfreeze them.
  6. Simon Says – It is a classic and child-friendly game that you can play with the kids. For this activity, all the players need to listen carefully to Simon. The person playing Simon needs to instruct the players on what to do. If Simon starts with “Simon Says,” the other players need to follow the direction. For instance, you can begin with, “Simon says, leap into the water!” Those who will not obey will face a consequence. If the instruction doesn’t start with “Simon Says,” and a player followed it, that person also needs to meet a consequence.
  7. Volleyball – If you are not fond of games with complicated instructions (or esoteric pool games), then try this common sport in the water. Keep the rules the same as the land sport, or you can personalize the rules for this game. You can decide how many members will be on each team. All they need is to toss the ball and not let it touch the water. You can have a scoring system for this game to determine the winner.
  8. Water Balloon Dodgeball – This is a team game. To play it, you need to divide the players in equal numbers and give them with water balloons. For a limited amount of time (e.g. 15 minutes), they need to hit the members of the opposing teams with the balloons. The team having the most number of remaining players will win this activity.
  9. Water Balloon Toss – Two or more players can play this activity. For this game, you need water balloons and sets of paired players. The two people need to face each other and toss the water balloon back and forth. The goal of this game is to pass the water balloon to the last player without popping it. Other homeowners add a twist to it by adding colours to the water in the balloons.
  10. Marco Polo – One player is chosen as “It”. The “It” player, with closed eyes, tries to find and tag any one of the other players, relying on hearing to find someone to tag. The player who is “It” shouts “Marco” and the other players must all respond by shouting “Polo”, which “It” uses to try to find them. If a player is tagged, then that player becomes “It.”  If “It” suspects that a player has left the pool, they can shout “Fish out of water!” and the player who is out of the pool becomes the new “It”.

There are lots of exciting games that you can try with your family and friends. Once done with these activities, you can ask them to relax on some inflatable loungers while eating their favourite snacks. Just make sure you clean up after!

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