6 Things Your Pool Care Professional Wants You to Know

Pool professionalWhat a relief it is to have an expert coming in on a regular basis to keep your pool sparkling clean and working well!  

In addition to the work it takes to keep your pool clean, there are actually a few things you can do to ensure your pool professional is optimizing their time at your home, providing you the best pool care possible.

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Let’s take a look at a few things your pool professional wants you to know:

Water Levels

pool water level
Optimal Water Level Above Skimmer

Keep your water levels up! The pumps in your pool are cooled by water, which helps them continue to function effectively.

If your water levels are low, that can overheat the pumps and damage the equipment.

This includes leaks from cracked parts that have gotten too hot, as well as poor circulation. Even if you have adequate chemical levels in your pool, poorly circulating water can promote the growth of algae and fungus in stagnant spots.

You also don’t want your water levels too high or the skimmers will not pull in debris as well as they should.

The optimum water level is about 1/3 to 1/2 foot above the opening of the skimmer.

Skimmer Baskets

Be sure you’re keeping them clean between your pool professional’s visits! Not doing so can clog the pumps, causing the same damage as having a low water level.

It only takes a moment, and it can help lengthen the life of your pool equipment. Simply make a point to empty your skimmer basket once or twice per week. That way, both your pool chemicals and equipment will be relieved from working overtime. 

Make a point to do this after it rains because more debris gets washed into the pool and also during the fall when leaves are falling.

Cut Back on the Oil

Of course we want you to use sunscreen, but oil-based tan enhancers can damage your pool. They “lock” the contaminants in the filters, rather than letting them filter through.

Think about how we use oil in cooking: it “catches” certain substances and encapsulates them, either strengthening or weakening the flavor. Suntan oil captures all the stuff you want your filtration system to get rid of. This can really mess up your overall pool chemistry.

We all know that oil and water don’t mix, so it’s easy to see how damaging this process is to your pool’s filters. The oil and everything it’s collected gets glommed together and cannot be processed by the pool’s cleaning system. This slows the whole process, makes it far less effective, and necessitates more frequent filter replacements.  

When you notice black gunk forming in your pool, it’s because of the oils you’re using.

Try to shower off before entering pool or at least make sure you stay out of the pool for at least 20-30 minutes after applying tanning oils to your skin.  That gives it time to absorb into your skin and dry out a little.

Easy solution: Lay off the oil! If your pool is turning green faster than the chemicals should allow- or if you’re paying your pool professional to replace your filters more than you’d like, it may be time to reconsider what products you’re applying to your skin before you jump in.

Dogs in Pool

Dogs are dirty, ok?  In fact, your dog can consume 10-20 times more chlorine than humans (Ducks are 100 times more).  Having your dog swim in your pool too often will affect the pool chemistry and require more chemicals to be added weekly.

If your dog stays outside, it’s a real issue.  If you have an inside dog that stays fairly clean, then you don’t need to worry too much.  You can let your dog swim in the pool if you want.  Just keep in mind they do make the pool less sanitary, so your ears are more likely to get infected if you’re going under water.

Also, your dog can get an ear infection in the pool, so limiting your pet’s time in the pool will keep him away from the vet as often.

Pool Toys

If you’ve got children or frequent backyard company, it is all too easy to leave pool toys, floats, etc. in the pool itself for days at a time. However, smaller objects such as goggles can trip up your automatic cleaner.

This creates additional work for your pool professional, as they spend extra time untangling small objects so your equipment can function properly. Yes, it is an added step, but clearing out your pool before the professional arrives will allow them to do their job more quickly and efficiently.


If you plan to add a deck, pool house, or shed to your backyard, be mindful of your lawn’s overall layout. The last thing you want is new construction creating an unforeseen slope that allows topical runoff to contaminate your pool.

If you make an addition to your backyard, you don’t want loose topsoil draining into your pool water. This just makes your chemicals and filtration system work that much harder. What that means for you, in the long term, is additional costs and maintenance that could otherwise be avoided.

Optimizing your outdoor space is what we’re all about, but be sure you consult your pool professionals before starting a project. They can help you make educated decisions about placement and topography so that you don’t cause incidental damage to your pool.

Final Thoughts

  • Water levels should be maintained to keep your pumps working properly. This cuts back algae and bacterial growth as well. If you aren’t sure about the optimal water level, ask your professional.
  • Skimmer baskets should be dumped out between pool care visits, to keep your pumps clear. It just takes a moment to do so, and it improves the efficiency of your chemicals and machinery.
  • Oils can harm your pool water more than you may have realized! Please wear sunscreen, but try to avoid tanning oils that collect particulates and gunk up your cleaning system.
  • Dogs in pool will affect the chemistry and increase chances of ear infections for both you and your dog.
  • Pool toys are great, but the smaller ones can stop up your automatic cleaner. If they’re removed before your pool professional arrives, that allows them to focus on critical tasks rather than unclogging the system.
  • Construction should be discussed with your pool care company before it begins. This is to benefit you, as we want to make sure that new backyard project doesn’t generate runoff that clouds up your sparkling pool.

clean pool If you’ve hired one of our fantastic pool care professionals to do all the hard work for you, we appreciate your business. Keep in mind these handy tips we’ve provided to keep you educated about simple pool care, so you don’t need to make additional maintenance calls for avoidable problems!

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