Algae in Swimming Pool Needs a Pool Cleaning Service

Pools require maintenance to keep them clean and free from dangerous pathogens.  However, sometimes homeowners fail to utilize the abilities of a quality pool cleaning service in time, resulting in the need for a shock treatment.  Pools need to be shock treated by professionals when a large amount of algae has formed.  This process requires a professional as dangerous levels of chemicals are used to kill the algae and clean the pool.

After a pool cleaning service, like Sun Valley Pool Service, has been contacted they will come to a home and inspect a pool to determine if a shock treatment is actually needed.  Sometimes the pool just needs to be adequately cleaned.  Cloudiness and grime do not always indicate algae but when they do a shock treatment is needed to clean the pool and make it safe for swimmers again.  The pool cleaner will determine if the cloudiness and grime in the pool is algae by taking samples of the water and inspecting it for tell tale signs.  Once they have determined that algae is the cause they will quote the homeowner and begin work as soon as there is free time.

Algae needs to be treated quickly after it has been discovered as it is a notorious spreader.  Early detection is best and can lead to an inexpensive treatment option.  However, the longer a homeowner waits to contact a pool cleaning service the more algae they will have in their pool.  The result of this is a longer clean up time and more expensive visit.  Sometimes, often because of costs, a homeowner will want to attempt to the clean the algae out of their pool themselves.  This is not recommended as not only is it dangerous it is also quite difficult.  Algae can be seen to clean but other dangerous pathogens cannot.

Algae is not dangerous itself.  People can swim in algae and not be any danger unless that algae is home to dangerous pathogens.  This makes the water incredibly dangerous.  The CDC claims that one in eight pools are dangerous for swimmers.  They wouldn’t be if they were properly maintained by a quality pool cleaning service.  However, not all pools can avoid algae as it is often brought in by the wind and attaches and lands.  Many pool owners have dealt with this problem and need to call in the professionals for a shock treatment.

A shock treatment requires a large amount of chlorine to be introduced to the pool.  This is often referred to as super chlorination.  The act of super chlorination can be very dangerous as chlorine is a highly dangerous chemical that sometimes has dangerous reactions when introduced to other chemicals.  A pool cleaning service understand the balances needed to maintain a safe environment during the shock treatment and for swimmers afterward.  Laymen attempting this process may damage the pool or injure themselves or others.

A pool cleaning service adds approximately five to ten times a normal does of chlorine.  Hence the name, super chlorination.  It is often needed for professionals to shock a pool over and over again before it is returned to normal.  This is done over a period of a few hours.  Professional pool cleaners use testing kits to determine when a pool has been effectively shocked and is fully chlorinated.  At that point the pH balances of the pool will be restored and after a waiting period the pool will be ready for swimming again.

A great reason for a homeowner to have a professional pool cleaning service, to regularly maintain the pool, is to avoid the need for these emergency services.  Imagine how long pool owners swim in algae before they realize it was there.  Pathogens can begin living in algae the second it appears but that does not mean it was readily noticed.  It can take quite awhile before swimmers notice algae.  Most pool cleaners do proactive shock treatments to protect pools from being overtaken by algae.  They will come over and shock the pool after rains and wind storms to make sure that algae has not entered the pool.  Waiting until a pool is completely filled with algae before calling can mean a long period of time during which homeowners cannot use their pools.

Regular pool maintenance is a homeowner’s best bet to combat dangerous pathogens.  It is important to utilize the abilities of a professional pool cleaning service.  Their preventative maintenance and regular cleanings will keep pools clean and free from harmful bacterias.  This means no algae and no pathogens in the pool.  It is important for homeowners to keep a number handy for these professionals in the event of an algae emergency as early shock treatment is best.  The longer one waits the harder it can be to combat invasive algae.

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2 thoughts on “Algae in Swimming Pool Needs a Pool Cleaning Service

  1. I always loved cleaning the pool when I was a kid but for about a week after dad would shock the pool it was hard to swim in. It would burn my eyes because I swim with my eyes open underwater. My dad didn’t really know what he was doing. My advice, hire a pro. Get a professional pool cleaner and you won’t have all the ups and downs with adding chemicals.

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