Automatic Pool Cleaners

There are three main types of automatic pool cleaners. They are classified based on the drive mechanism used by each and every one of them. And another thing is that pools these days are designed to allow the use of a specific kind of automatic pool cleaner in the cleaning process.

Here are 3 main type’s of pool cleaners:

pressure side pool cleaner
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Pressure Driven:

In this type of pool cleaners make use of two motor pumps and a secondary pump. The secondary pump pressurizes the water flowing back to the pool through a dedicated plumbing line. This therefore enhances the venturi effect making the pool cleaner to move and work faster collecting more debris in the process and sending them to its own collecting bag, net or screen. This makes it possible for the device to perform more run cyles between the collecting bags and the pool’s main filters.


suction side pool cleaner
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Suction Side Driven:
Here, the cleaning effects of the cleaner is powered by a mechanism that draws water through the cleaner while sucking the debris at the same time. Based on the working principle, water is being drawn from the pool from a dedicated plumbing line connected to the suction side of the pool’s recirculating pump.


Robotic pool cleaners.

robotic pool cleaner
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Now that you know the three different types, the question that may be going through your mind is which cleaner is the best among the three? Which of them should I buy to offer me the best utility and value for my money? While these questions are valid, only you can answer them because none of them is better than the other. The one that should be best for you depends totally on a number of factors out of which includes the particular design of your pool, the plumbing configuration, the shape of the pool, the depth, etc. and the environment in which the pool is located: presence of flower bearing trees, presence of silt or clay within the locality, heavy foliage in the area etc. Fixtures such as I.E ladders, steps, handrails and the construction style of the pool all have effect on the performance of the pool cleaners and as such will play a major role in influencing your buying decision.

Call us or fill out a service request for a free estimate and we’ll come check out your pool and let you know which is the best automatic pool cleaner for you.