Best Plants Around Your Pool, Both Large and Small

plants by poolIf you’ve got a pool in your backyard, you know that it’s almost enough just to be able to enjoy the cool water on a hot summer day- or even on a breezy autumn evening! That is, it’s almost enough, right? Truth is, the surrounding atmosphere plays a major role in your pooltime enjoyment.

Yet, any homeowner knows that nearby trees can damage your pool in countless ways. The foliage can clog up the filtration system, and the ever-growing roots can eventually compromise the structure of an in-ground pool.

So how do you create that perfect outdoor oasis in a way that allows everything to coexist peacefully?

pool landscaping shade structures umbrellaWe’ve got some ideas for you to consider. A few of them include plants and trees you can add to your landscape without any risk of damage to structures or equipment that you want to keep intact. And a few are a bit simpler: ground covers that simply add an aesthetic touch with no digging or high-maintenance landscaping work.

Pool-Friendly Trees

  • Fruitless Olive Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard,with their drooping foliage and fantastic shade coverage. They’re drought-tolerant with a shallow root system that is more likely to grow around existing structures (such as an in-ground pool) rather than pushing against it. Its leaves will drop in the fall season, but you won’t be burdened with the mess of fruit.
  • Live Oak Trees are actually an evergreen, which means they shed very few leaves. Regardless of the season, this tree’s foliage will never completely dry up and litter your yard. They do need some space from the pool, as they are deep rooters, so at least 20 feet is recommended.
  • Texas Mountain Laurel is another evergreen that’s sure to leave your lawn and pool with minimal leaves. It’s actually classed as a large shrub, as it tends to sprout multiple branches low to the ground. One bonus with this choice is its production of fragrant blossoms that will accent to your pool and backyard’s ambience.
  • Willow Acacia is a tall, narrow tree that makes it an easy option for adorning smaller landscaping areas. This drought-tolerant tree can be easily placed away from your pool, so as to reduce intrusive foliage.
  • Bamboo is a lovely addition to any yard so long as you contain it with barriers. An invasive species, bamboo will spread as far as you allow it, so be careful! But its lengthy fronds- which can reach several feet in height- are a wonderfully exotic addition to your poolside landscape.

Smaller Foliage to Consider

  • English Ivy is a classic favorite for all gardeners. It spreads quickly, it’s low-maintenance, and it is easily contained in a barriered garden space. Simply set up a perimeter with miniature fencing or attractive stones, and let it do its thing. English ivy can be found at your local garden shop, and will integrate into your landscape with minimal care.
  • Honeysuckle is another wonderful choice when it comes to vine plants. Not only will it grow along the ground, but you can also add a short fence or trellis for it to crawl along, as an accent to your pool area. It produces fragrant flowers for all to enjoy, but it does require a bit of pruning.
  • Lemongrass is not only a low-effort plant to add to your lawn, but it also helps keep bugs away. Its bright, somewhat pungent scent is a joy for us humans, but it irritates flies and mosquitoes. A bed of lemograss alongside your pool deck will add a protective layer of fragrance and beauty.


If you want a well-adorned poolside space with nice shade spots and fragrant foliage, it doesn’t need to be a battle between nature and architecture. Consider these options when you’re ready to upgrade your pool area by adding a few trees and/or plants to liven up your outdoor living space.

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