Best Pool Filters

As a significant part in your family’s daily life, pools should require good filtration to remove small rubble, dirt, and bacteria. It is a must that you know the basics about the different types of pool filters to familiarize yourself with swmming pool equipment.

In this article, I will discuss on different types of pool filters and will elaborate more on how they work. This is important so that you will have an idea about how stuffs function in your swimming activities.

With this, you should know that there are three types of filters distributed in the stores: the sand, cartridge, and DE filters. You must remember that when it concerns to dirt filtration, sand filters remove largest particles, followed by cartridge filters while the DE filters eliminate the smallest particles.

Sand filters, which uses sand to filter dirt, is the traditional type of pool filtration. The moment that dirty water enters in the filter tank, it immediately flows down through the sand which filters out small rubbles of about 25-40 microns which implies it filters out large particles. By the time the water gets collected at the lower portion of the filter tank, cleaner water is flowed out of the pool.

Cartridge filters, which utilize pleated fiber filters, are generally utilized in pool sanitizing process. What happens is that the moment dirty water goes into the filter tank, it immediately flows through the cartridge that removes small particles of 10-20 microns which could filter tinier particles and some algae. Same with the sand filters, cleaner water is flowed out of the pool by the time the water gathered at the bottom of the filter tank.

Lastly, DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filters is the best among pool filtrations available in the stores. It utilizes septums that hold up to 2-5 microns in size. This means that it could filter algae and some bacteria. DE filters are known to be a superior type of pool filtration system.

No matter what types of pool filtration you select for your personal swimming pool, it is still crucial to know which works best for you and your family. I believe that this article was able to aid you in selecting the best pool filtration for your swimming pleasure. To know more about pool filters, read for more relevant articles at now.

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