Best Pool Sizes

pool at nightWhat are the best pool sizes? Most neighborhoods these days have community pools, but it still seems to be a hassle to gather up all your items and get to the pool.

Some people decide it’s more worthwhile to just get their own pool put in.

And really, who can blame them?  There’s not many things more relaxing then dipping into a cool, blue pool on a hot day.

We have plenty of those hot days here in North Texas.  Many of those “hot” days have temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

A pool is the perfect way to escape the heat.  Especially your own private pool in your own backyard.

As soon as you decide to add a pool to your backyard, there are many things to consider.  You need to decide how you will use it.

You will need to decide if you want saltwater or chlorine. We have an article titled, “Which is best, Saltwater or Chlorine?” to help you decide if you want a chlorine or salt water system.

Size is an important factor when building a pool.  Do I even have room for a pool?

That is a question many homeowners wonder.  Don’t be discouraged by a small backyard.

There are pool sizes available for any size of backyard.  From smallest to largest, here are some basic types of pools.


  • plunge pool
  • spool
  • lap pool
  • family size
  • others

Plunge Pool

The plunge pool is a great option to escape the hot sun. A plunge pool is a square pool that’s constantly kept cold and alleviates any stiffness from athletic activity.

A plunge pool is not made for swimming.  This pool is built for the use of cooling off or doing aerobic workouts.

Water rehabilitation can done in these types of pools.  Plunge pool are usually kept at around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

This type of pool can be built as an addition to a larger pool or installed as a stand-alone feature.  They are usually built as 8×8 ft or 8×16 ft.


 In contrast, a “spool” (small pool or spa pool) would be a bit bigger than the plunge pool and most likely be kept at a warmer temperature.

This pool would be used primarily for lounging rather than swimming and can include features like jets and lights, that we usually find in a hot tub.

The spool is a great option for people with small backyards.  Homeowners who do want to do much pool maintenance should also consider spools.

Spools are not usually more than 16 ft long and 8 ft wide.

Lap Pool

Neither of those options is the right choice if you’re looking for an area to swim in. The most obvious choice here would be a lap pool.

Lap pools are specifically designed to mimic the size of one lane of an Olympic-style pool. These pools are 30-70 ft long and do not feature a shallow end so that turns can be made at both ends. 

Surprisingly, lap pools can be built to be up to 75 ft long.  A more common length is 40 ft long.

Family Size

If you’ve got kids or intend to use the pool as a component of hosting an event, you’ll most likely need to consider a larger pool. These bigger, multi-purpose pools can come in a variety of shapes: rectangle, L-shaped, oval, and even a free-form pool.

The percentage to keep in mind when sizing these pools to your yard is 25%.  A pool should not take up more than 25% of your yard.  

Rectangular pools are generally shaped twice as long as they are wide. Another consideration is the inclusion of a hot tub or plunge pool area alongside these larger pools.

Family sized pools generally range anywhere from 16×32 ft to 18×36 ft.


If you’re in the market for a pool designed with less utility and more to function as a component of your backyard or architecture aesthetic, an infinity pool is an excellent choice.

Infinity pools look like waterfalls. It seems like they only have 3 walls, but they actually have 4.  One wall is clear to help with the illusion of a negative edge.

One of the other options is to select a natural pool where you have the option to flex your landscaping creativity with a pond-type feature that includes plant life filtration. These pools are also known as eco-pools or organic pools.

Natural pools do not use chlorine or other chemicals. They clean themselves through the use of plants and beneficial bacteria.

If a natural pool does sound like your cup of tea, you will definitely want to look into the pool cleaning service that we offer at Sun Valley Pool Service.  

Wrapping Uppool landscaping shade structures umbrella

No matter your inspiration or driving factor behind installing a pool, there is an option to complete every backyard.

Adding a pool will sometimes give you a bump in resale value as well.

Once you get your pool built, call Sun Valley Pool Service and schedule our weekly maintenance service to keep your pool sparkling clean all year long.

If you budget and plan properly, you might even be able to hit every component discussed here and put together an amazing pool that has functionality and aesthetic value!


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