Best Supplies For Your Above Ground Pool 

above ground pool deckSwimming pools are medium to large structures that are designed to hold water to enable leisure activities like swimming. They may either be constructed in the ground or above it. In-ground ones are often constructed with concrete, stones, plastic, fiberglass and metal and are permanent structures. They can also be made into custom shapes and sizes.

Above ground pools on the other hand are temporary fixtures. They are typically made of steel or aluminum alongside a resin or metal post and ledge. They contain vinyl liners to hold the water as well as a pump and filter. You can find the various types and designs of pools here.

Above ground pools are usually circular and can be located anywhere there is enough space such as a backyard or garden. They are often easy to install and to relocate if for any reason you have to move them. In fact, as an owner, you may be able to complete the installation by yourself. This type can also last for up to 15 to 20 years. 

There is much more to owning an above ground pool than filling it with water and beginning to swim. Owning one also entails maintaining it, ensuring that it is safe and that everyone enjoys the experience. It is about selecting accessories that can help you achieve all these.

Generally, accessories for above-ground pools fall under these categories. They are:

Maintenance: These supplies include things such as skimmers, cleaners and vacuums, and the various items for removing debris and dirt.

Water Circulation: Your pool must be healthy and clean all the time. To ensure this, you need supplies such as heaters, filters and skimmers.

Safety: Every type of swimming pool needs a form of safety or another. This is to ensure that swimmers are safe especially kids. Accessories such as ladders and pool covers fall into this category.

Fun Accessories: These are the supplies that are needed to enjoy yourself and have fun while swimming. They can include toys and games.

Supplies For Your Above Ground Pool

There are many accessories that you can use with your above ground pool. We consider a few of them below.

Filter and Pump System

This is one of the most important and the best above ground pool supplies that you need. The filter and pump is a system that helps to circulate water keeping it free of bacteria. The filter as its name suggests helps to filter out particles and impurities from the pool.

Above ground pools usually come with sand filters. If you want to try other alternatives, there are a variety of options available. Some other available filters offer more improved filtration.

Skimmer and Telescopic Pole

Skimmers are attached to telescopic poles. They are flat and shallow nets that are used for easy and quick removal of dirt and debris. Using a skimmer regularly will help to keep the water clear and clean.

It is advisable to choose a skimmer that is made with aluminum. This is because they are durable as well as sturdy and will be better suited for exposure to different elements. The telescopic pole is equally important. It can be used with other supplies asides from skimmers such as manual vacuum heads and pool brushes to remove dirt.


Rather than allowing low temperatures to keep you from enjoying using your pool, you can use a heater. The heater helps to keep the water warm as well as inviting all through the year. There are different types of heaters. These are solar, electric and gas heaters.


Above ground pools typically come with ladders but it is advisable to upgrade them. This is to ensure that they are strong and are able to last long. It also helps to ensure the safety of swimmers and to turn up the ladder style. When choosing a ladder, look for one that is of high quality, durable, and adjustable and comes with handrails. You can see how to choose the right ladder in this article

Other kinds of supplies that you can have are:

  • Games and toys
  • Floats and lounges
  • Pool chemicals
  • Test kits
  • Pool opening and closing


Owning a pool involves a lot of things from cleaning to enjoying the whole swimming experience. While you will not need every supply, what is most important is that you and other swimmers are safe. In addition to this, it is also important that you enjoy the whole experience. Having the right supplies help to ensure all of these.

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