Can a Popped Pool be Fixed?

Owning a pool in North Texas brings joy during the scorching summer months. However, one concern that causes anxiety for pool owners is the possibility of a popped pool.

This article will explore what a popped pool is and why it happens. We will also discuss how to fix a popped pool and share tips on prevention.

Understanding a Popped Pool

A popped pool is a term used to describe a situation where the water inside the pool pushes against the structure, causing it to lift or bulge. This leads to visible deformities, such as bulging or bowing walls, and even potential structural damage. Several factors contribute to a popped pool, including soil conditions, water pressure, and inadequate construction.

fix a popped pool
A popped pool can be fixed.

Why Does a Popped Pool Occur?

One of the primary reasons for a popped pool is hydrostatic pressure. It is created when the water table under the pool rises to a level that exceeds the weight of the pool water.

This pressure builds up over time and eventually causes the pool walls to buckle or lift.

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Fixing a Popped Pool

can a popped pool be fixed?
A popped pool will need to be drained.

If you notice signs of a popped pool, it is crucial to take immediate action to avoid further damage. Here are the steps involved in fixing a popped pool:

Assessment: Engage a professional pool repair service to assess the severity of the situation. They will evaluate the structural integrity of the pool and recommend the necessary repair measures.

Draining the Pool: If the pool needs repair, your pool technician will likely drain the water to relieve the hydrostatic pressure and allow for proper inspection of the affected areas.

Repairing the Structure: Repair methods for a popped pool vary depending on the extent of the damage. Solutions may include reinforcing the pool walls, addressing any underlying soil issues, and correcting drainage problems. Your pool repair professional will determine the most appropriate course of action.

Re-Filling and Testing: Once the repairs are complete, the pool will be refilled, and meticulous testing will be conducted to ensure it is functioning correctly.

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can a popped pool be fixed
Regular pool maintenance prevents pools from popping.

Preventing a Popped Pool

While prevention is better than repair, there are steps to minimize the risk of a popped pool:

Professional Construction: Ensure your pool is built by experienced professionals who understand the local soil conditions and will design and construct a structurally sound pool.

Hydrostatic Relief Valve: Installing a hydrostatic relief valve can help alleviate pressure buildup under the pool. This valve allows groundwater to equalize with the pool water, reducing the risk of structural damage.

Proper Drainage: Maintain proper yard drainage to prevent excessive water accumulation near the pool. This includes directing water away from the pool through proper grading and using drainage systems when necessary.

Regular Inspections: Conduct regular pool inspections to identify any signs of structural issues early on. Prompt action can help prevent minor problems from escalating into major repairs.

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Therefore, while a popped pool can be a cause for concern, with the right knowledge you will minimize this risk and enjoy your pool worry-free. Understand the causes of a popped pool and promptly address any issues. This ensures your pool remains a source of fun and relaxation.

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