Can Algae Damage My Swimming Pool?

Often pool owners will ask us, “Can algae damage my swimming pool?“.  The answer is absolutely, Yes.  Algae can actually be quite dangerous for expensive pool equipment, the water and swimmers.  This is why it is important to keep on top of algae before it gets out of control and contact your pool service company about eliminating this problem.

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There are a couple different types of algae, some more dangerous than others.  Regular pool maintenance in Dallas and DFW area, by Sun Valley Pool Service can assist pool owners with their algae issues.  Green algae is the most dangerous and invasive algae type.  Green algae can quickly overtake all the water in the pool turning it from crystal clear to a gross, green mess.  Eventually bugs and more will come to feed on the algae and the result is a summer with no pool.  Instead of a pool, pool owners have a stagnant water turned stasis for frogs, bugs and algae.  Green algae is invasive and it needs to be taken care of should it find its way into a pool.  The best way to make sure that a pool does not become a breeding ground for green algae or the resulting chain reaction, is to regularly clean a pool and make sure the filter is clean and working properly.

How to Prevent Algae Damage to Swimming Pool?

Sun Valley’s pool maintenance prevents algae from thriving in an owner’s pool due to the perfect amount of chlorine we feed into the pool.  This chlorination is a delicate process as there must be enough chlorine to make the pool uninhabitable for algae but also safe for swimmers and their eyes.  Chlorine keeps algae from thriving in pools because it kills phosphates.  When water is rich in phosphates it is perfect for algae since algae survive on phosphates.  Chlorination can usually kill them and leave the pool clean and safe to swim in.

What if Your Pool Has Algae Damage?

There are cases where algae has found a way to survive in very chlorinated water.  This algae requires us to shock treat the pool and provide it with super chlorination.  This process adds chlorine to the pool over and over again until the pool has been perfectly cleaned out.  Of course this process is going to require that the pool be shut down for a short while but at least the pool owner doesn’t have to worry about dangerous pathogens that thrive in algae finding their way into their body.  This safety makes shock treatment necessary at least once a season and more often if algae is introduced into the pool.

If algae isn’t taken care of it can be very invasive.  It clings to walls and floors and is quite difficult to remove.  Eventually it will find its way into tile, filters and more.  The result is damage in all of these areas.  Not too mention that an over abundance of algae can result in a disgusting pathogen filled pool that is a real danger for swimmers.  Swimmers are at risk of swimmer’s ear, E. Coli and other disgusting bacteria diseases.  The CDC warns that one in eight pools are at risk for these diseases due to uncleanliness.  The best way to keep a pool clean and free from invasive algae is to hire a Sun Valley Pool Service to maintain the cleanliness of a pool.  Our qualified professionals will work hard to make sure that algae does not damage a pool.

Algae clogs filters.  Once algae has penetrated a filter it can result in clogging and then eventual damage.  Once a filter is broken algae will begin to spread at an even more rapid pace.  Not too mention that a clogged filter can break a filter completely.  This is going to require the services of pool maintenance Dallas to fix.  Whether the filter is just damaged or needs a complete replacement, the pool is not going to work without a pool filter.  Before a pool owner knows it their pool is a bacteria filled, pathogen infested unswimmable nightmare.  It will take a great deal of money and effort to restore the pool to its former glory.  The best way to avoid the stress of an algae filled pool is to hire regular pool service.

As it turns out Sun Valley Pool Service is a preventative solution to make sure that pools do not become more damaged.  The causes of an algae breakout is quite nasty and can require a great deal of maintenance to fix.  This is why it is a good idea to have preventative pool maintenance coming over once or twice a week to clean and maintain the pool.  This is a way to make sure that a pool stays clean and safe for swimmers and doesn’t fall victim to an algae breakout.

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