Child Pool Safety Swimming-Lessons Teach Children Not to Panic

Parents who provide a swimming pool for their kids have to put in place a layered approach to preventing accidental drowning. Relying on supervision as the sole method of preventing child deaths from drowning is inadequate. There is always something that distracts a parent from their pool duty. The statistics are staggering-77 out of every 100 children who drown in a home pool were seen alive five minutes or lees prior to being discovered in the swimming pool filter cleaning. One approach is to inclde child pool safety swimming lessons to teach kids not to panic should they fall in the pool.

The layered approach to child pool safety incorporates a number of preventive and proactive systems to protect children from drowning in the backyard pool. Chid pool safety swimming lessons fall into the proactive category. Generally, child safety swimming classes are made available to toddlers, ages 4 years and up. The reason is that the child needs to be able to understand and practice simple safety instruction like staying in the shallow end fo the pool or swimming area.
During child pool safety swimming lessons, the instrustor work with your child teaching him basic safety rules in and around the pool filter cleaning, as well as how to tread water safety and awareness of the daners of falling in the water. Ultimately, your child learns to respect the water and not fear it.

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