DE Pool Filter Cleaning

DE Pool Filter CleaningPool filter cleaning is a regular chore required to keep the pool filters working properly.  A properly functioning filter is going to make for a safe and clean swimming experience.  They keep pools from becoming clouded with dirt, pathogens and algae.  Pool filters are all different however, a DE pool filter is perhaps the most complicated to clean.  The DE pool filter cleaning process is recommended to be done by an expert in the field of pool cleaning.  There are many pool cleaning services out there that can assist pool owners with their DE filter cleaning among other necessary pool treatments.

DE stands for Diatomaceous Earth

This is the stuff used to make the filter work.  Diatomaceous Earth should be added to the filter during each pool filter cleaning process.  Using too little of Diatomaceous Earth could cause pressure build up and eventually a clog.  Pool owners who are experiencing this clog are urged to contact a pool cleaning specialist.  They will come to a home, remove the grid, clean it, soak it in a solution for a long period of time before spraying it and then reassembling it.  They will then make sure it is properly coated with the correct amount of Diatomaceous Earth to ensure another clog does not take place.

  1. DE pool filter cleaning is recommended to take place at least once per season.  For those living in areas where a pool is only used for one season, summer, this means having the pool filter cleaned once a year.  Normally, it is recommended that the cleaning take place at the beginning of summer to have an optimal swimming pool from the very start.  Remember a clean swimming pool is a safe swimming pool.  Allowing a filter to become dirty and a pool to gather dangerous pathogens can be seriously unsafe.
  2. DE pool filter cleaning for those living in warmer climates should take place more often.  Depending on how many seasons the pool is in use that is how many times a pool should be cleaned.  Although there are only four seasons, it is recommended that year round DE pool filters be cleaned at least five times a year.   A service will maintain the regular maintenance of a pool and then do the filter cleaning as needed.
  3. Sometimes a DE filter needs to be changed.  This can be a difficult process but is something that a pool owner can do.  A pool cleaning service can also handle this task if a pool owner already has one.
  4. Sometimes back washing is needed as part of the pool filter cleaning process.  When the DE filter is back washed it also needs to be changed.  This is the case each and every time back washing occurs.


Backwashing will eventually be necessary to properly do a filter cleaning.  The process of backwashing a DE filter is much more difficult than its sandy counterpart.  DE filters require that first the pool pump be turned off.  It is important that the pool pump is off to avoid dangerous conflicts.  The filter backwash valve must be opened and then bumped slow around fifteen times.  After that the pool pump can be turned back on but ran only for two minutes before it is required to be shut off again.

This process is done over and over again until it is time to add the Diatomaceous Earth.  This is added to a pool skimmer.  Most pool filter cleaning professionals already have this equipment and treatments.  This equipment tends to be expensive so having a professional treat and clean the filter is sometimes easier and less expensive for a pool owner.  Water levels may change during this process so it is important to check them and add more water if necessary.  After all these steps have been taken a DE pool filter should be properly backwashed.

Consistent Maintenance

Allowing pool filters to go without cleaning and treatment can result in a dirty pool full of dangerous pathogens and algae.  Swimming in a dirty pool can be dangerous to one’s health and is not at all recommended.  A working filter is going to suck out all the bad stuff in a pool and replace it with clean, clear water which is ideal for most pool owners.  The best way to maintain a filter and keep a clean pool is to hire the services of a qualified pool filter cleaning professional.

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