Denton Pool Service, Repair and Types of Pools

Your pool could require different types of repairs, based upon the kind of in-ground pool that you have in your home. If you have a vinyl lined pool, the liner may require replacement and if you have a gunite pool the cracks may require repair work. Sometimes the repair may not be a repair work, but a replacement of a component that may have worn out or stopped working.

When you have a thorough understanding of your pool and the type of repair that it may require, it will help you to take right decisions. Your swimming pool can be made of basically 3 types of materials – fiberglass, vinyl and concrete. The type of repair required by each type is different and can be required at different times because they react differently to different situations and conditions. Therefore depending upon the complexity of the condition you can consider hiring professional help like Denton Pool Service.

If you have a concrete pool, it can develop cracks over a period of time, especially if you live in colder areas. The cracks can develop due to constant freezing and melting of water. small cracks may require nothing more than a patch, but major cracks will require complete overhauling that is better left to professional companies like Denton Pool Service.

When it comes to vinyl lined pools, the kind of damages that you can come across can be rips and tears to the liner. It is possible to repair the minor tears immediately, but the larger tears require more time and professional help. It is easier and less expensive to replace a liner as compared to overhauling a concrete pool.

Even though fiberglass pools are highly durable, they can react adversely to some chemicals leading to the discoloration of the pool. Acid wash is the simplest method of eliminating the discoloration from your fiberglass pool. Sometimes, the filter and the pump also need to be repaired. It may be a difficult task for you to find out if these essential components are working properly or not. Therefore you can consider hiring the services of pool repair companies like Denton Pool Service to check the components from time to time.

Sometimes, especially in the case of above-ground pools, both the pump and the filter require repair together. However, mostly if they are not working together, the reason may be a torn or a clogged hose. These components cannot work properly if your pool doesn’t have the right chemical balance.

Before you call for professional service you can check the hose and other parts of the filtration system that can be easily accessed. But, if you are not able to find the reason of improper working of the system, you should call for the help of professionals. However, if you are able to give a proper description of the problem to the professionals like Denton Pool Service, they can give you advice so that you can carry out some minor repair work yourself.

At times it may be possible that the pool system stops because it has been disabled by the safety feature so as to keep the system and the users safe. It is always better to get your pool repaired in time by professionals like Denton Pool Service than face the risk of getting electrocuted in it. The pool cover and heater are two parts of your pool that have automatic safety features to switch the system off. Your pool may sometimes require some minor repair, due to which the safety shut-off may go off, and most of the time such a situation calls for nothing more than an easy fix.

Before you perform any repair of your swimming pool, make sure that you contact a professional pool service like Denton Pool Service to get all the guidance from them. Reputable companies offer you free advice and if they find the situation requiring professional help, they would suggest an inspection. Old and worn-out pumps and filters may get fixed temporarily, but they are always going to breakdown after a short while. If you hire professional service, ask them the lifetime of the patch or the repair work that they carry out. Reputable companies will offer you warranty on their repair work. Sometimes it is more cost effective and better to completely replace a part rather than getting it repaired.

What is the type of swimming pool that you have? Each and every pool type has its own specific problems and concerns. This will also help you to learn how to keep your type of pool working properly.

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