Eco Friendly Pool Maintenance Tips

eco friendly poolSwimming pools consume lots of water and energy. They must be filled, filtered, heated and cared for in some manner every day of the year. These days many pool service companies are becoming aware of the value of sustainability. Accessories, installation techniques, and swimming pool designs get more environmentally friendly by the day.

Here are some great wise choices you can make to help you enjoy your own swimming pool in the most eco-friendly manner possible.

Choose a saltwater pool rather than a chlorine maintained pool. With the saltwater pool, your water will be kept clean with the use of sodium chloride. Although there will be chlorine in the water as a byproduct of the salt, it will be much less than that found in a pool kept clean with only chlorine. A good pool service company can help you set this up and provide excellent weekly pool service to keep your saltwater pool operating at optimum efficiency.

Use an ionizer to keep your pool clean with silver or copper ions. This type of cleaning system not only keeps the water pure and fresh, it also gives it a smooth and silky feel to the water that is pure delight. With this kind of pool neither salt nor chlorine is used to disinfect the water. Ionization keeps it fresh and clean. Weekly pool service will keep your equipment running smoothly and provide regular pH testing and eco friendly pool maintenance.

A couple of other good alternative ideas for water purification include oxidation systems run with a generator and electricity or ultraviolet light to oxidize the water and keep it clean. You could also use an ultrasonic wave machine to kill algae before it ever begins to grow.

Solar energy has also been harnessed to create entirely solar powered swimming pool pump. This quiet, handy innovation can easily replace your existing pump so you will have no electricity consumption and generate no carbon footprint.

In addition to alternative pumping and filtration systems, with any pool, you can reduce your water consumption significantly by using a pool cover.  One of the most eco-friendly pool covers is the solar bubble cover. It reduces evaporation by almost 100% and collects solar energy to warm your pool.

It’s quite easy to reduce your swimming pool’s carbon footprint with some of the simple devices on the market today. Talk with your pool service company professional to find out what kinds of alternative pool maintenance supplies are available in your area.

An alternative to making these simple changes to “green” your conventional swimming pool is the installation of the very exciting chemical free ecosystem pool! This type of pool is just making a name for itself in the US; however, Europeans have been enjoying them for years.

Eco-system pools offer natural, inexpensive pool maintenance by balancing themselves with a self-cleaning cycle to keep water clean and pure. Water is channeled through a separate biological filter area filled with plants and gravel. This area is an attractive water feature in itself. Then the water travels into the pool via a shimmering waterfall. The water is sterilized using an ultraviolet sterilizer, and large debris is collected by a skimmer. The resulting water is sparkling and clean!

An ecosystem pool is created with sides that slope to whatever size and depth you prefer. After the hole is dug, it will be lined with either a rubber liner or compacted clay (which does not create a muddy bottom!) Following this, gravel is layered over the bottom. The end result is your own personal swimming hole that gives your yard a relaxing, natural and inviting ambience. Adding a natural pool adds value to your home and saves money and resources.

The biological filter concept is well-known to people who keep natural aquariums. Water travels through a living filtration medium where it is cleaned and purified by friendly bacteria. This produces very clear, healthy, life-giving water. While this type of filtration system is low-maintenance, it is not no-maintenance. It does need to be cleaned carefully a couple of times a year, and weekly pool service by a professional pool cleaning service company is recommended to test pH levels and be certain the water quality is safe. Additionally, natural pools need regular inspection for damage to the liner and any safety hazards that may be present.

Whether you choose to reduce the environmental impact of your existing pool with a few well chosen energy friendly accessories or install an exciting all natural pool, you’ll be happy to know that your wise decisions will make a tremendous impact on your carbon footprint and your effect on the planet. Discuss your ideas with your local swimming pool service professional, Sun Valley Pool Service to find out what possibilities for eco-friendly swimming pool construction and maintenance can be found near you!

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