How Much is Pool Maintenance in Texas?

checking pool chemical levelsHaving regular pool maintenance is a crucial step in keeping on top of the health and aesthetic of your pool. Having the right company to service and maintain your pool is the best way to guarantee consistently balanced water chemistry, as well as other factors involved in the upkeep of your pool.

Depending on the company who comes to do the maintenance, they may only complete a certain number of steps. This means it’s important to know ahead of time what exactly you are paying for.

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While service prices will vary from one provider to the next depending on the local market, you want to know whether a significant cost difference is due to the level of service you are actually receiving.

Here is a good list of things that are needed to get the best results for your pool:

  • Test, check, and adjust water chemicals
  • Inspect and test all pool equipment
  • Empty baskets: including skimmer and pump basket
  • Brush the pool: including walls, floor, and steps
  • Backwash filter system
  • Vacuum service

The above list covers a great range of all the important areas you want to make sure are included in the pool maintenance you’ve selected. Let’s take a look at average pool maintenance costs in the North Texas region.

The average price of $80 to $150 a month for pool maintenance is normal for Texas. However, higher quality services may change upwards of $220 a month to look after your pool. Variables such as size, depth, salt water versus chlorine, and frequency of use will always factor in regarding the type and extent of maintenance any given pool will need.

Additionally, one must consider the size of your pool. The larger the pool, the higher the cost, simply because there is more water andmore surface area to care for. Prices in Texas for moderate pool care tend to range from around $70 for the smaller pools, to upwards of $300 for large or deep pools.

You want to make sure the hot weather days of late spring, summer, and early fall, you have your pool serviced monthly. Otherwise, you run the risk of pool damage, poor pH balance, and/or staining the pool tiles. Hot weather, frequent use, and extensive sun exposure deplete your pool’s chemicals far more quickly than the milder weather of early spring and late fall.

If you are only looking for very minimal care for your pool, it can vary from $30 to $80 per month. The expense will vary depending on the size and design of the pool, and the amount of time needed to properly maintain it.

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2 thoughts on “How Much is Pool Maintenance in Texas?

  1. I just bought a house in spring TX. It has a rather small kidney shape pool. It has one of those macines that goes around to vacuum (i assume. First time with a pool for me). It’s a polaris pb4-60. I pay $220 a month. The guy comes once a week and is usually done in 5 to 7 minutes. I’m having a tough time reconciling the time and the cost. What am I missing 😕 ?

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