How Often Do I Need to Clean My Pool Filter?

Pool owners often ask the question, “How often do I need to clean my pool filter?”  The answer varies by a number of different factors.  It all depends on the type of a pool filter a customer has.  The easy answer is quite often and as much as possible.  Filters have a tendency to dirty quickly and sometimes they can become clogged by debris which can, in turn, result in a costly repair.  Pool owners in Dallas looking for a clean pool and a regularly cleaned pool should consider Dallas weekly pool service.

The weekly pool service offered in the whole DFW area, by Sun Valley Pool Service, will provide customers with routine filter cleaning.  This is going to ensure a clean filter, free from potential threats.  The result is a functioning filter that keeps a pool cleaner for longer. When a filter is allowed to become clogged by a piece of debris, larger than it can handle, it will become damaged.  And sometimes, without even the pool owner realizing, the filter will break.  Not only is a broken filter an expensive repair but it is also necessary for keeping a pool clean.  Before a pool owner even realizes their filter is broken they may find themselves swimming in a dirty pool.  Overtime that pool will become filthier and filthier until it is apparent to the naked eye that the pool is unsafe to swim in.

The Different Types of Pool Filters to Clean

There are three major filter types that most pool owners use.  There is a sand filter, cartridge filter and a DE filter.  The pool techs at Sun Valley Pool Service are familiar with each type and its special needs.  These professionals understand the complicated process of cleaning a filter and each type has its own complexities.  The most common filter used in the USA is a sand filter.  Sand filters are easy to maintain but must be maintained regularly which can be quite a hassle for busy pool owners.

Sand filters last somewhere between three and five years.  They require regular maintenance and cleaning to get this amount of use from them.  The sand in a sand filter needs to be changed semi-regularly and it is important to backwash the filter as well.  The professionals working for a Dallas weekly pool service understand the need for a quality sand filter.  However, this is a delicate balance because sand filters often work better when they are slightly dirty.  Of course the sand in a filter should be changed but not too often.  This is because it will filter better when it is slightly dirty.  A quality service person know exactly the right time to change a sand filter.

A cartridge filter needs to be cleaned every couple of months or when it becomes very dirty.  The professionals who work for a quality Dallas weekly pool service have the knowledge and skills needed to make sure that a cartridge filter is cleaned properly.  Debris will build up quickly in a filter cartridge meaning that every week or so the filter will need to be rinsed out.  Having regular pool service takes this effort out of the lives of busy pool owners.  Instead of having to clean the pool each time they use it, they will only have to enjoy it.  This is going to make things a lot easier around the house, leaving time for other chores or just to swim in a clean and safe pool.

Sun Valley Pool Service is also going to be responsible for anyone operating a DE filter.  DE stands for Diatomaceous Earth.  This filter only needs to be taken apart and cleaned once per season.  However, cleaning a DE filter can be quite dangerous.  It takes a qualified professional to handle cleaning one of these filters and cleaning them can result in an electric shock, chemical damage or even an explosion.  In order for it to be safe to clean a DE filter the electricity needs to be shut off and the system must be completely bled out.  Not waiting long enough could result in a very dangerous shock.  After that there are many other steps that need to be taken, each with its own list of warnings.  It is recommended that this service is discussed with a professional before a pool owner attempts to do it themselves.

Dallas weekly pool service is great for anyone who is looking to free up some time and enjoy their pool more.  These skilled professionals understand the need for a clean, clear, pathogen free pool.  They can handle more than just filter cleaning and the professionals at Sun Valley Pool Service are just a phone call away.  Anyone considering Dallas weekly pool service should call and get some answers to some commonly asked questions.

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