How Swimming is a Good Way of Exercising

If you’ve been wondering how swimming is a good way of exercising, it may mean that you are ready to add an interesting, challenging and enjoyable workout and leisure activity to your life. Swimming is a great way for anyone to exercise. It benefits serious athletes who relish the freedom and lightness of swimming and people recovering from serious injuries, living with arthritis, or working to overcome obesity. For these people, swimming provides a safe venue for exercise because the water helps cushion and support fragile, injured or otherwise compromised bodies.

Immersion & Support Percentages:

If you are immersed:
– to your waist, the water supports 50% of your body weight.
– to your chest, the water supports 75-80% of your body weight.
– to your neck, the water supports 90% of your body weight.

These figures make it easy to see how swimming is a good way of exercising for people who need to start a fitness program slowly, maintain a fitness program carefully, or simply take a break from a very intensive and high pressure fitness program. However, swimming is not just a good way for people in recovery or with physical challenges to exercise.

Ten Ways How Swimming Is A Good Way Of Exercising For Anyone

  1. Swimming is aerobic and works the entire body.
  2. Swimming is refreshing and a nice break from more challenging workouts.
  3. Swimming laps helps build endurance for other sport and exercise activities.
  4. Swimming provides an excellent cool-down routine after a challenging workout.
  5. A swimming workout tones muscles, increases metabolism and helps with weight loss.
  6. Swimming increases cardiovascular efficiency and improves flexibility and strength.
  7. Swimming is a low impact exercise activity that is excellent for people with arthritis.
  8. Water workouts provide social and psychological benefits for people who are often isolated.
  9. Vertical/horizontal options allow swimming workouts to offer greater variety than land workouts.
  10. Older adults can stay physically fit and independent longer by participating in swimming exercises.

When you swim, you can use all of your major muscle groups: gluteus, hips, legs, abdominals, back and shoulders. The water provides you with resistance – twelve times that of air – in all directions, so even when you are floating in the water, you are experiencing some resistance. For this reason exercising in water can help you build strength and become fit and healthy. This is true whether you are swimming laps, participating in water aerobics or simply doing a few exercises on your own.

Six Tips To Prepare For Adding Swimming To Your Life

If you are a beginner, seek out a coach or a class to join.
If your eyes are sensitive to chlorine, purchase a good set of goggles.
If you are swimming for weight loss, establish a 3-5 times weekly schedule.
Start with short sessions of 15-20 minutes and gradually add on as you grow stronger.
If you haven’t been exercising at all, start simply by walking back and forth in the pool.
Purchase comfortable, well-fitted swimwear that will stay in place during your workout!

Swimming for exercise may not provide as much fat burning benefit as exercising on land; however, for people who have not been able to exercise at all, swimming and water aerobics, water therapy, water yoga, water flexibility training and other options are a hundred percent more than nothing, and provide a much needed springboard for other activities. It is important not to have swimming as your only form of exercise for an extended period of time because a lack of weight bearing exercise can cause a loss of bone density. However, simply adding a little work with free weights, walking, or cycling can remedy this problem.

All in all, there are many ways how swimming is a good way of exercising. It’s therapeutic and meditative and social in that it’s an activity you can enjoy in solitude or in the company of your friends and family. It’s a no impact form of exercise that gives you a great cardio and resistance workout without causing damage to your joints. You can use swimming and water exercise to play a game, recover from an injury, or begin a fitness program.

For serious athletes, one of the main ways how swimming is a good way of exercising is the fact that it adds variety. No matter how strong you are or how hard you exercise, if you do the same routine day-in and day-out, your body will become accustomed to it and cease to be challenged. Alternating swimming with weight and aerobic workouts gives your muscles a little bit of a break so that they will be more challenged when you return to these activities. Additionally, swimming massages and tones your muscles and gives them a chance to recover and recuperate from such rigorous workout activities as weight lifting or competitive sports.

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