How to Balance Your Swimming Pool PH Levels

The pH level of your pool water is a very important factor in keeping your pool safe and healthy for swimmers. The perfect pH level is 7.0, and acceptable levels fall between 7.2 and 7.6. Water with this pH measurement is neither too acidic nor too alkaline. Water with a high alkaline content will measure higher than 7.0. High acid content will measure lower. Testing by a weekly pool service can help keep your pool at the perfect pH level, and this will save you lots of trouble, money and headaches in the long run.

You may be wondering how to recognize imbalanced pH levels. When your pool’s pH level is too low, you may experience a number of problems. High acid levels can cause:

Chlorine inefficiency which will cause you to add more and more chlorine with less and less results.
Discomfort for swimmers, including damaged swimsuits, itchy skin and eyes, runny nose, rashes.
Metal Corrosion that can damage plumbing, pool equipment and pumps.
Stains on pool surfaces.

If your pH is too high and your water is too alkaline, you will be dealing with another set of problems that can include:

Discomfort for swimmers including irritation to eyes and nose and excessive drying of the skin.
Scaling on the surfaces of the water and pool equipment and surfaces.
Ruining the sand in your sand filter by causing it to solidify.

High pH is the most common of problems because it is caused by perspiration, cosmetic products and so on from swimmers. When your pool’s pH is too high, you can add an acid treatment, such as muriatic acid or dry acid. When you do this, your pump must be running. Acid must be added a little bit at a time, and you must monitor the pH level closely. Don’t overdo it, or you will have another problem to deal with.

When dealing with a low pH level, you will add alkali to the pool water. This comes in the form of soda ash, and the steps are very similar to those for adding acid. Keep your pump running, go slowly, and monitor carefully.

This can be tricky business! When performing either of these treatments or adding any kind of chemical to your pool, remember to read and follow package instructions carefully. Pool chemicals can be dangerous, and mishandling them can result in added expense in your pool maintenance, damage to your pool and/or equipment and even injury to yourself or your swimmers. Additionally, keeping enough pool chemicals around can be risky, and the prices you will pay for the amounts you need for a single pool can be quite high. For these reasons, it’s often a good idea to engage a swimming pool service to take care of the weekly maintenance of your pool.

Weekly pool service may seem like a great expense, but when you realize the damage mishandling of chemicals can do, it’s easy to see that it could end up saving you money and trouble in the long run. Keeping your pool at a proper pH level and monitoring all the chemical levels properly will help all of your pool equipment run better, longer. Proper pool maintenance is something that must be kept up year-round to be sure your pool doesn’t suffer invasions of algae, fungus, bacteria and so on during the off-season.

Problems with swimming pool pH are almost always caused by faulty maintenance. While you may try very hard to follow all instructions and stay on top of everything, the fact is pool care can be quite challenging. It’s an ongoing job that needs to be done on a regular basis. For a pool cleaning service company professional, weekly pool service and dealing with any problems that may arise is a matter of course. Your pool service professional will not have to cope with the demands of house, work and family preventing him from caring for your pool! It’s his or her job, and it will be done on a regular schedule.

Representatives of pool maintenance companies have all the necessary equipment and chemicals on hand to keep your pool running at optimum performance quickly and easily. Pool repair service companies purchase chemicals in vast quantities and get the best prices. They store all these dangerous chemicals so you don’t have to! Additionally, if and when your pool is in need of repair or upgrade, your pool company professional can let you know. Keeping your pool’s pH levels balanced is so important! It can really pay to hire a pro to help you!

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