inground pool cleanerIf you have a pool, then I’m well sure of the fact that you already know that pool cleaning is by and large the most important aspect of pool maintenance. It is a painful chore but it is necessary. However, if you employ a good maintenance system by extension meaning if you have a very good pool cleaner (which may at times be relatively costly), you will enjoy a very clean pool in the long run. You will agree with me that a pool should not only be safe to swim in, it should look cleaner and clearer to the eyes. As such it should be algae-free as much as possible. To achieve this, through cleaning your pool manually may be an impossible task but if you employ the services of an automatic inground pool cleaner, it will not only be achievable, it will also help in saving you tons of cash as well as precious time.

Also if your pool is a new one and maybe the pool builder didn’t include the pool cleaner as part of the project, being able to select a very durable pool cleaner that will give you value for your money can be very stressful. Trust me it can at times be even as stressful as cleaning the pool itself. This is because there are several models and types of pool cleaners in the market today. Therefore it is important to find one that fits the construction structure of your pool because the design of pools tend to vary. So before you decide to buy an automatic pool cleaner you may want to converse with the vendors first. You will have to provide them with the appropriate dimension of your pool as well as the volume and the filtration system so that you don’t go back home only to start having problems with the pool cleaner which of course you may not know how to resolve without dipping your hands into your wallet.  But, of course you could always call Sun Valley Pool Service for help!

Before you set out to get a pool cleaner, it is ideal for you to know the different types of pool cleaners. When you check around the most common type of inground pool cleaners that you will find are;

Suction Driven Pool Cleaners. If your pool only have return lines that are ran off the same line, you should go for this kind of pool cleaner. This functions by siphoning dirt through the pool’s bottom as it glides across the floor.

Pressure Driven Pool Cleaners. If your pool is plumbed with a designated pool cleaner return line, then you are a candidate for this type of pool cleaner. This is closely related to the return-side pool cleaners. It has two motor pumps and a booster pump that helps increase pressure and water flow. There is higher efficiency when compared to return-side pool cleaners. However, it consumes more electricity.

Robotic Pool Cleaners. These are the more advanced types of pool cleaners in use today. Unlike other inground pool cleaners, it has motion sensors on its bumpers to make sure it doesn’t hit any walls. You can leave it alone to do its job. Perfect for lazy pool owners like myself.

Finally, there is the Return-Side Pool Cleaners. These are the old types of pool cleaners. They make use of a dedicated pump to function. Thus needing more water. This makes the process of pool cleaning even more cumbersome and stressful. That is why a lot of people are switching to the more modern suction driven or pressure driven types.

If you have any questions about this subject or anything else pool service related please Call Sun Valley Pool Service.

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