How to Clean Your Swimming Pool

The usage of chemicals to clean up your swimming is a must which is one of the main ways to completely clean it. Then you’ll need proper filtration system because clearing it up through chemicals is not enough. First, checking your water chemistry is really a must. That means checking its ALK and PH level as well as its chlorine’s availability. Be aware of all the readings of the chemical which you have gathered. Standard tests that use reactants would be the most frequent ways to check it while you can also use Aqua Check strips.


After gathering the chemical readings results, adjustment of the chemicals is usually a must. You can either add or lessen according to what requires to keep the chemistry balance or to have on their correct levels. Next is adding shock to your pool. This means adding swimming pool shock made of liquid or powered shock.


After adjusting the chemical level of your pool, and after adding shock to it, running your pool filtration product is next. Have it run for 24 hours until the water is clear. And finally, you’ll need to backwash your pool filter.


Now let’s talk keeping your above ground pool Green-free. Again, this is only for the above ground pool because other types of pool like in-ground and semi-above ground pools collapses when draining takes place.


Having a siphon through a garden hose or the pool vacuum hose is advised. You can even use submersible drainage pumps. Make sure you realize how to use it or otherwise you can damage it by running it dry. After starting a siphon, you can now start the draining.


After the pool continues to be drained completely, get rid of all the debris or other dirt by scooping them out. Be in the best outfit when performing your pool cleaning. This is the right time to wear those water proof boots so your feet wouldn’t get those nasty green algae or dirty water available at the bottom of the pool floor. Scrubbing the pool is also one of the finishing touches in keeping spick and span. After cleaning the pool, to expect the time to fill it up with water. And now you might have it back in that awesome blue refreshing pool Never forget to set the chemicals during the pool as you have placed a new water which is not treated.

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