How to Have a Sparkling, Spotless Glass Pool Fencing

Many homes in Perth and other places in The Land Down Under feature pools in their yards . Pools add beauty and functionality to a home. After a hard day’s work, you can take a refreshing dip. You can bring over relatives, colleagues, and friends during the weekend for a refreshing dip while having a tea party . You can sit down with your business partners, clients, providers, and visitors at the pool instead ofthe living room or some other place inside your house itself ¬†especially if you value privacy .

But having a pool could pose a danger , especially if it lacks a fence or border of some sort. Lacking a border , you may inadvertnetly have placed your family in peril . They may jump into the water and drown if they are unable to swim. The pool’s powerful filtering system may trap their limbs. Worse, the risk increases substantially if no one is watching them.

Thus, investing in a pool fence is surely important since it increases the pool’s safety level . There are lots of types of fences, but glass pool fencing is starting to get popular . These fences are made up of thick, impact-resistant glass panels that are bolted to aluminium or stainless steel posts and railings. The transparent panels enable you to view the other side immediately . Additionally,¬† the glass panels exude a futuristic atmosphere to your pool .

Just like any other appliance, structure, or equipment in the house, a glass fence needs to be regularly maintained. Else,¬† mildew will grow on the panels and irreparable damage may occur. There’s no need to worry though since maintaining your investment is easy without having to spend a lot

* Do not use glass cleaners that are displayed in home-improvement shops or hardware stores. A lot of them leave unsightly residue on the surface when they dry out. Instead, simply use warm water and liquid soap, the kind you typically use for washing dishes. Create a solution by adding one part of soap to three parts of water and apply the solution on the glass panels using a sponge or a lint-free cloth. Wash down the soap suds by hosing the panels with cool, clean water. Use a rubber squeegee to remove more water.

* Avoid wiping the panels with a cotton cloth since the cloth’s material has a tendency to leave tiny fibres and lint. Just leave the panels out to dry in the air and sun.

* Do not forget to clean the posts and the railings. Use a chamois, microfibre cloth, or sponge to wipe it clean. Avoid using ordinary cotton cloth or polyester material because the rough material can scratch the chrome coating of the railings and posts. Keep them spotless and they will be the balustrading Perth homeowners would die for.

* For powder-coated railings and columns, use a gentle methyl-based spirit or mineral-based turpentine to clean the structure. These cleaning agents do not damage the coating.

* Remember to clean the attachments, bolts, and screws that hold the glass panels to the posts regularly, usually two times a year . Clean and spread a bit of grease on the screw treads.

With simple but regular maintenance , your swimming pool’s glass fence will last you a lifetime.

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