How to Service a Pool – What Tools are Needed?

Are you wondering how to service a swimming pool? Swimming pools are considered one of the best places to relax. There are many tools used to clean and maintain the pools. In this article you will find out which ones are best to use to do it yourself.  However, professional pool service companies like us make it even more affordable to hire help with maintaining your pool. The pools get dirty quickly in several ways. The most common used tools to clean the pool from leaves and debris are skimmers, brushes and vacuums. These are the three main tools that are used to service the pool well.

It does not take much time every week to service a swimming pool.  Once you have the tools and know how to service a pool, you can spend few extra hours to clean. Nowadays, most of the pools are well maintained by several weekly pool services in your neighborhood.  Regular cleaning and well maintaining of the pool is very essential as it keeps users safe from hazardous pathogens, bacteria and insects.

Please keep in mind that knowing how to service a pool yourself does not mean you will save any money.  Yes, it’s possible, but for most pools that are properly maintained on a weekly basis, you will find it more affordable to hire Sun Valley Pool Service.  Try us out and get one month free pool service.

Now let us see few of the cleaning tools used to clean and maintain the swimming pool, so you’ll know how to service a pool yourself and what tools to use.

Removing Leaf and Debris with Specific Tools:
Leaves dirty every swimming pool in the world from time to time. Therefore, it remains as biggest problems for the pool owners as it would decrease the number of people getting attracted towards the pool. Therefore, cleaning or removing the leaves and debris from either floating on the water or those sank in the water. This process can be achieved by using a tool known as skimmers, leaf baggers and leaf rakes.

Skimmers are a long tool that has a long flat net, which is attached to a long handle. It skims across the pool, cleans, and removes the surface debris and leaves. This would clean all the debris on the surface to gives the pool a better and clean look.

A leaf bagger is also a unique tool that is attached to the end of a long pole and is rolled in the bottom of the sea. The leaf bagger creates suction at the bottom while rolling it from one end to another. This will help to remove all the debris from below the pool and give you a clean surface on the pool.

Leaf rake is a similar tool compared to skimmers. It has a bag like net that can hold in more debris from both above and below the pool. This specific tool will help to clean both the surface of the pool.  All the three tools are specially used to create large suction and clean the surfaces of the pool from time to time.

Steel Brushes:
The steel brushes are used to remove algae from the floor and sides of the pool. This tool has to be used only in concrete finished walls and floors. At the same if the walls are fiberglass or even vinyl liners, do not use the steel brushes, as it would damage the walls of the pool. In order to clean these different types of dirt and algae, be smart and use the right kind of non-bristle brushes. These brushes are connected to a long pole as it can be helped to reach the bottom of the pool.

If you see a pool with clean and clear water always, it is because it is vacuumed regularly. This tool and its process are simple to use. This tool has a long pole with a vacuum attached to the end of the pole and a hose as well. Once fixed, the vacuum is moved slowly from front to back at the bottom of the power vacuuming everything that gets in its way.  There are vacuums in the market that can be adjusted and controlled by remote controls easily. These vacuums help to maintain clean, healthy and hygienic pools for the public. These are the three main tools used to clean and maintain the swimming pools. These services are mostly done by pool service professional teams.

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