How to Start a Pool Cleaning Enterprise


Ever thought of getting your own Pool Service Small business? Then it’s time to make a start.


Firstly you have to have the types of materials or equipments and pool supplies for the pool maintenance. The fundamentals are highlighted below:


1.      Chlorine

2.      A curled wall brush


3.      Skimmer (leaf rake)


4.      A Floating thermometer


5.      Vacuum cleaner


6.      Hose


Some distributors offer it within a package or simply a kit. You can get discounts if you do buy them in a kit than individually.


Let’s talk about Pool Vacuums. Before choosing one, make you researched on it well and spent time window shopping. Test as many as you can when possible. Two of the very most popular pool vacuums will be the Automatic Pressure-Side cleaner as the other the first is the automated Suction-side cleaner. They work for all type of pools; be it above ground or in-ground.


Automatic pressure-side cleaner pumps have two styles. One is with a dedicated pump while the other is a non-dedicated pump. The one with a dedicated pump helps you clean the pool faster and this type of even lasts longer. However the advantage that you can get from the non-dedicated pump is that it is cheaper to purchase as well as to install. Possibly the only negative side about these types of vacuum is because they have a hard time filtering such small particles plus they also don’t scrub the walls on the pool.


Alternatively, the automatic suction-side cleaner does its magic by sucking debris and water from your swimming pool by means of a pool vacuum hose then straight to your pool filter. This vacuum is highly recommended because it’s effectively in removing debris and other elements from your swimming pool. It even has the ability to scrub the walls of your pool plus it also moves massive amount of water very fast. Although, in case you have lots of trees at the pool side, this vacuum cleaner will not be advisable cause the leaves from those trees could block the pool vacuum hose pipe and its filtration system.


When it comes to pool materials, it is never advised to purchase the cheaper ones. Don’t ever sacrifice quality particularly with pool pumps. Research before you buy well so there will be no regrets in the end. You can even order online however the risk is high though as you have not tried them nor seen them and have the actual testing. But if it’s well researched then it’s fine.


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