Liam Payne Wants to be a Pool Cleaner

Liam Payne pool cleaner

Liam Payne pool cleanerLiam Payne of One Direction says he wants to become a pool cleaner.

The One Direction star has revealed he dreams of pursuing the odd choice of job alongside his successful music career because he’d be able to listen to tunes at the same time.

Speaking on Capital Breakfast radio show, he said: “I’d like to be a part-time as a pool cleaner – it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. You get to use the net and fish out the little leaves at the bottom of the pool, you can listen to your iPod while you’re working.”

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One thought on “Liam Payne Wants to be a Pool Cleaner

  1. That is a little strange that someone as successful as Liam Payne would want a blue collar job, well not even a blue collar job, but a summer job for a high school student. It would be fun to be outside and be able to jam to your tunes all day, but I don’t think it would be something I’d want to do for very long. Much less if I ever became rich and famous.

    Yvon Lebras |

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