Lighting Around Your Pool

pool at nightIf you are trying to light up your pool and turn it into your personalized luxury resort, then seek help through the extravagant lighting options we’re showcasing in this article. Pool lighting makes your pool stand out, and it grants an opulence to your house and backyard.

Pool lighting is not a hard job once you have gathered your options. The selection remains the only step away to have a resort in your home.

You can select the pool lights according to your budget and inclinations. You can buy them from online sites or stores nearby. Check the lights for warranty and safety hazards and ensure the installation process is safe and goes smoothly.

Let’s explore some of your best options. 

Tree Lighting

For some indirect lighting that will enhance the ambience of your pool area, you can install the lights in the surrounding trees. They cast a shadow that enhances the surrounding darkness, while imparting a contrasting brightness from the top. If done, well, the effect of tree lighting is almost as if the moonlight is being channeled down to your pool.

Trees are an effective way to install lighting to your backyard, but the process should be approached with care. You’ll want to use branches that are sturdy and uncompromised, and be sure to set the fixtures at angles that only point into your own backyard.

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This manner of lighting is secured by fasteners that keep the wiring fixed to the trees. Be sure the wires are set in safe areas that don’t create a trip hazard in their path to the outdoor power outlet.

Deck Lighting

Whether you have a pool deck, or simply a backyard deck that is adjacent to the pool area, deck lighting is a fantastic addition to your outdoor living space. This type of lighting can provide light to both the pool and the surface around the pool, as well as any nearby seating areas.

Deck lighting sometimes requires drilling into the wood or composite decking your deck was made with, to create a path for the wiring to reach a power source. This is an important consideration to explore before choosing exactly what type of deck lighting is best, and where it should be installed.

Installing lights around the deck can prevent you from falling and hitting the obstacles on decks. Deck lighting can also encourage activity around the pool.

Let’s face it: all the gorgeous lighting in the world still can’t guarantee a clean and attractive pool if your water is murky! Check out our Pool Cleaning Service page to learn more about how Sun Valley can help keep your pool sparkling clean all season long.

Wall Lighting

You may also consider placing lighting on the walls around the pool or along the outer walls of your house. The lights should face the pools directly and brighten the surrounding area as well.

To install a light on the wall, it must be a surface that you can either drill into or otherwise securely attach a light fixture. For cement or brick exteriors, this can be a much trickier and more involved process.

However, for wood siding, adding wall lights is fairly simple. And if you’ve got a wooden eave overhanging a brick wall, you can use hooks from which to hang light fixtures as long as there is a nearby power outlet.

Just like with deck lighting, this type of backyard light will enhance the safety of your outdoor space in addition to making a pleasant night swim all the more inviting.

In-Built Lights

Securely placing the lights on the pool floor is another option to get optimum pool lighting. The lights can illuminate the pool and water, creating the deck and surrounding regions either dark or dimly lit.

The lights should be placed on the floor and should be adjusted to avoid any accidents. This lighting option synchronizes the pool ambiance with the heavy darkness of the night.


Pool lighting is a great way to optimize both the safety and ambience of your backyard and pool area. Who doesn’t love a late-night dip under the stars, in the heat of a warm summer night? With attractive and adequate lighting around your pool, you can enjoy a nighttime swim without risking your safety. And even if you aren’t in the mood to get wet, pool lighting makes for a great background for any type of after-dark outdoor gathering.

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