Money Saving Tips For Pool Repair

Pool maintenance companyA swimming pool is a welcome addition to any yard. While owning a pool is an investment in your family’s health and happiness, investing in a pool does not come without a cost. Owning a swimming pool requires regular maintenance and ongoing repairs that can sometimes be expensive. While pool ownership does sometimes require expert assistance, it is helpful to understand that some jobs can be managed on your own. Here are some swimming pool repair jobs that you can feel confident in tackling yourself.

Know Your Pools pH Levels

Owning a pool requires checking and maintaining the pH levels on a regular basis. Neglecting these levels can result in an unhealthy pool and costly repairs. When a chemical is out of balance in your swimming pool, the repair involves observing the state of the water and addressing the situation. It is possible to learn to keep your chemical levels in check on your own; however, a consultation with an expert is definitely advisable. Even if you don’t plan on calling upon the expert for your weekly pool maintenance, he/she can help you determine where your levels are skewed, and provide advice about necessary adjustments to your water chemistry. This is a routine swimming pool repair that must be addressed on an ongoing basis.

If your pool has a vinyl liner, repairing it is something that you will likely need to do from time to time. Vinyl linings can wear with age, crack if chemicals become unbalanced, and leak every now and then. If you notice a problem with your lining, your pool repair will involve purchasing a kit at your local swimming pool store, and applying the contents to your liner. While some kits can be used underwater, it is best to drain your pool, at least to the point of the leak, and apply the contents to an area which is then exposed to air. This will help the repair material dry faster, ensuring the effectiveness of the repair.

Pool Repair Materials

  1. If your pool is made of fiberglass, blistering and bubbling can sometimes occur. Swimming pool repair kits for fiberglass are readily available, but it is sometimes difficult to exactly match the color of your current pool. This means that your patch will likely stand out, but it might not be that noticeable if it is located in a deeper or shaded area of your pool. If you are particular about matching the color exactly, hire a swimming pool repair professional to handle the job for the very best results.
  2. If your pool is made of concrete or Gunite also known as “shotcrete”, the plaster can deteriorate over time. This causes cracking, chipping, and popping, and can sometimes expose the underlying stone. There are readily available plaster repair kits for swimming pools that can help you to address these problems. Naturally, a good kit will contain step-by-step directions, making it even easier to tackle your pool repair.
  3. Sometimes swimming pools are extensively damaged, and the repair jobs are larger and more time consuming. While it is certainly possible to repair larger problems on your own, they will require more work and a greater level of expertise. For this type of swimming pool repair, you will need to purchase epoxy– enough to cover the entire cracked area, as well as an epoxy paint to match your existing pool surface. Make sure the area you are working on is clean and dry before beginning, and allow ample time to complete the job. It is worth noting that epoxy dries fast, so you must work quickly when applying it. Be sure to schedule a generous amount of time to work uninterrupted, to avoid wasting your pool repair product.

Value and Time

Repairing your swimming pool can be a great way to save money and maintain your family’s investment. Before beginning your project, it is worth thinking realistically about the time you will need to commit, as well as your level of expertise. If you doubt your abilities to complete the pool repair in a satisfactory way, remember that you can always call on us here at Sun Valley Pool Service for help and advice. This is the best way to keep your pool healthy and enjoy it for many years to come!

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