My Pool Filter is Making Noise

Below is an article written by one of Sun Valley’s clients and she has given us permission to post this on our site.

I used to wonder why my pool filter is making noise.  Often it would make a noise so loud my neighbors could hear it.  I couldn’t ascertain what was causing the noise in my pool filter until I contacted local professionals to take a look at my filter for me.  Within a day they had sorted out my issue and my pool filter was again sounding normal.

All it took was a phone call to set up the appointment.  I called them up, let them know my pool filter is making noise and they actually had someone available to come over that day.  I was surprised with their quickness and also quite happy considering it was my day off and the sound of the filter seemed to be increasing.  The pool maintenance company understood that I would have to wait another full week until I could be present for an appointment.  And so, they came over later that day.

Before the appointment I took my dog for a walk and was surprised to hear my pool filter is making noise nearly a half block away.  This meant that four of my neighbors were also hearing my noisy pool filter!  I felt so embarrassed but due to its increasing volume I was sure the noise was just something they were hearing today.  I half hoped that my pool filter could only be heard in my own yard since the noisiness started.  Still, I am fairly certain that at least one or two of my neighbors had been forced to hear it in their own backyards the past couple days.

Luckily the pool maintenance man showed up exactly on time.  He was professional and did not waste time.  Instead he set right about finding out why my pool filter is making noise.  He asked me questions about pool filter.  Such as, how long I’ve had it and how long its been making noise.  I found him to be quite professional.  I let him know that we’ve had the pool filter for 14 years since we first installed our pool.  He nodded, thought for a second and then set about showing me how to determine noise culprits on my own.  I appreciated this knowledge.

In order to determine why my pool filter is making noise I was told to first hold my hand in front of any returns on the pool wall.  If the filter noise then quiets then the noise is being caused by excessive flow.  Unfortunately, this easy fix was not my problem.  It would have been simple to repair an excessive flow issue.  The process of installing smaller eyeball fittings in the returns is simple enough and then after that a new pump impeller size and/or a new 2 inch control valve would be needed.  I told him despite its easy solution, I would still prefer he did the work.  He laughed, nodded and understood.  However, this was not the repair I needed.

My pool maintenance man understood right away what was going on.  I let him know my pool filter is making noise and has been for the last week or so.  We both agreed the noise sounded like a bad motor.  It almost sounded like a really loud fan.  After closer inspection my maintenance guy determined that the reason for noise were worn out motor bearings.  He gave me a few options on how we could handle the issue.  Each option had a different cost and outcome and he was very honest about this, which I appreciated.

He did make it clear that motors typically last about eight years so I was actually quite far ahead of the game.  It was the first time in 14 years that my pool filter is making noise for such an extended period of time.  And so loud, too!  He said my pool filter had lasted me nearly twice as long as it normally does and for that I was very lucky.  Don’t tell my pool maintenance guy this but I actually searched the internet, cross referencing the information he gave me.  Everything he said was true, honest and it totally seemed like he was actually trying to save me money!

Needless to say, I was impressed with his service.  He gave me the option of fixing my pool filter or purchasing a new pool filter.  I called back the very next day.  I answered, Yes, my pool filter is making noise and I’d like to have it replaced as recommended by my pool maintenance man who was here yesterday.  They scheduled a time for him to come over and on my very next day off I had a new pool filter installed.  The cost was very reasonable and I appreciated the efficiency with which the job was completed.

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