My Pool Pump is Making a Loud Noise

When I discovered my pool pump is making a loud noise I did what any rational pool owner would do and I searched for the answer online.  I discovered a multitude of reasons my pool pump could be making that awful noise.  After the noise was discovered was when the pump actually stopped working.  Of course, the noise continued as if it were trying to work but my pool was quickly becoming an algae filled cess pool.

I discovered there were some fairly common reasons why my pool pump is making a loud noise.  The reason for all the grime in my pool was due to the fact that the pool pump was broken.  The pool pump forces water into the filter.  When the pump isn’t creating that current then water is not being correctly filtered and no filter leads to grime and algae not being filtered out of the pool.  I knew that a large about of debris, scum and more in a pool could actually wreck my pool filter too.  I did not want to have to pay to have both these pieces of pool equipment replaced.  Therefore I set about trying to determine why the pool pump wasn’t working.

The first step in determining why my pool pump is making a loud noise is to clean.  It is important to clean things like the filter, baskets, skimmer, impeller and more.  This is going to ensure that nothing is blocking water flow.  In order to inspect my impeller, I had to open up the pump itself.  I learned that if my pump wasn’t making noise and actually working properly that it would be considered Prime.  My pump was not Prime because it wasn’t pulling water.  Unfortunately for me, not pulling water was not my only issue.

In the past the reason why my pool pump is making a loud noise was due to leaking water.  Sometimes a pool pump can leak water.  This can cause the pump to make a loud noise and its an easy fix.  Unlucky for me, I did not have the opportunity to go out and purchase an inexpensive Pump Go Kit.  My issue was bigger than just leaking water coming from the equipment inside the pump.  In the past, I have had this issue but I could tell the difference by the noise I was hearing.  I knew I wasn’t just hearing the pump suck in air.  There was more.  The sound was louder.

As it turned out, the motor on my pool pump was broken.  It was rather old and probably time for a new one but I really didn’t want to deal with replacing it.  I’d just figured out why my pool pump is making a loud noise and I was irritated at the prospect of removing and then reinstalling a new pool pump.  I decided to forgo taking the steps myself and instead decided to call a pool maintenance company.  I couldn’t have made a better decision.  They were able to come over and determine that the humming I was hearing was the pump’s capacitor.  This was an electrical issue.  They were total professionals and remembered to turn off the pool’s breaker to make sure myself and them were safe from any electrical issues.

It turned out my pool pump had been over-heating.  The motor wasn’t getting the electricity it needed to function properly.  Finally, I knew why my pool pump is making a loud noise.  Still, I wasn’t overjoyed at the prospect of needing to purchase a new pool pump and I totally thought the maintenance was going to cost me a small fortune.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The price was actually really reasonable.  And as it turned out, I didn’t need to replace my pool pump.  It turned out the reason why my pool pump is making a loud noise was the lack of energy and over-heating.  The solution was to run my pool pump at night.  Of course, had I wanted, I could have purchased a more energy efficient pool pump but the immediate solution was to run it at night.  I’ve decided just recently to purchase a pool pump that is more energy efficient and I’m having the same pool professionals install it for me.

This pool maintenance company won me over when they determined the reason why my pool pump is making a loud noise.  They didn’t attempt to persuade me into spending more than I had too and they were honest.  I appreciated their professionalism and the fact that they gave it to me straight.  Honestly, they could have insisted I needed a new pool pump and I would have believed them but they laid all of my options out for me ñ even the options that wouldn’t make them money.  They proved they were a service to rely on!

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