Open Water Swimming – What to Expect

If you’ve only swam in the local indoor pool, then swimming outdoors in open water may initially come as a shock. Apart from the hidden dangers that are often associated with bodies of open water, such as underwater currents and potentially lethal aquatic creatures, there are also adverse weather conditions and possibly freezing water temperatures to contend with. Having said that, open water swimming is often described as an invigorating and exhilarating feeling, and many people feel that the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Open water weekly pool service arlington can be very tiring, especially in the ocean where you have choppy water. You will need to be reasonably fit, particulary if you’re going to swim in cold water. If you’re asthmatic, epileptic, or suffer from a heart condition, it might be wise to consult your doctor first.

If you’re planning to swim all year round, start by swimming in summer when the water temperature is higher, and continue to swim regularly as it begins to drop. This way your body will gradually become acclimated to colder water. arlington pool service

A wersuit will provide some protection against the colder weather, and so will wearing a swim cap as this will prevent heat from escaping through your head. If you’re going to wear a swim cap, it’s always better to wear a brightly colored onr-this will ensure that you’re more visible in the ware. Before antering the water, make sure you warm up by doing a few simple stretches first; this will also help to prevent muscle cramps.

Once you’re in the water, be aware that you’ll rarely be able to see the bottom; visibility is generally very poor in open water. This can be incredibly unnerving for some asit can be impossible to tell how deep you are, and there are no sides to grab hold of if you start to panic. Keeping your composure in open ware is vital-if you’re not able to float or tread water for very long, then you will need to work on that in the pool until you feel comfortable. Investing in a decent pair of goggles will improve your visibility under water.

If You’re going to be swimming at an unfamiliar beach, then it’s imperative that you do some research on rip currents first. These can be extremely dangerousl a fast moving rip current will rapidly sweep you away from the shore, and many swimmers have drowned in this manner because they’ve panicked or reacted incorrectly.

Although people do this, it’s never advisable to swim alone on unmanned beaches( or in any body of open water). Go with a swimming buddy, or ask someone to wait on the shore while you’re swimming. Should you suffer a muscle cramp, encounter dangerous marine life or get caught in a rip current, you could be in trouble. Being a strong swimmer is not always enough, and you may need assistance to survive. If you know someone with a boat who is willing to cruise alongside you while you’re swimming, then this is by far the safest option.

Many people find swimming in open water considerably more enjoyable than swimming in indoor pools. They love the feeling of being out doors and experiencing the freedom of open space, despite the different challenges it presents. If you’ve decided that this is for you, then do your research thoroughly, follow the correct advice and take precautionary measures where practicably possible.

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