Plano Pool Service and Leaking Pool Water

Most of the swimming pool owners open up their swimming pools during the spring season. And, it is this time of the year when you find that your swimming pool is losing water. There are several reasons why your swimming pool water could be leaking.

Generally, there are 3 main problems related to water leaking in your swimming pool. These are leaks in the shell, plumbing and too much evaporation or splashing out from the pool. Professional swimming pool repair and maintenance companies like Plano Pool Service help in solving all these three types of leaking problems.

When you are not using the pool frequently, there is less chance that the reason for the leakage is splash out. However, during mid-summers when the temperatures are high and every kid is jumping in and out of the pool, splashing out of the water could be the reason for losing water from the pool. In order to test splash out or evaporation as the cause for water loss in the pool, you can conduct an instant test to confirm.

Place a bucket on one of the steps in such a way that the water level matches with that of the swimming pool. In case evaporation is the reason for the loss of water from your pool, the water level in both the pool and the bucket will drop at an equal rate. If the pool has a leak, the level of water in the pool will drop at a much faster rate than the level of water in the bucket.

When you have determined that the cause of water loops in the pool is leak, and not evaporation or splash out, you need to call in the professionals such as Plano Pool Service to conduct additional tests to determine the exact location of the leak.

When it has been established that the loss of water in the pool is due to leakage, there are a few more steps to find the exact reason of the leakage. Check the filter pads to find out any type of leaking. You should also check any type of drips or damp spots, as a regular drip can cause substantial amount of water loss over a period of time. Professional companies like Plano Pool Service can find out if the pool leaks more when the filtration system is working or when it is not working.

When it is not the filtration system or the pump that is causing the loss of water, you should check the pool itself. Poor repair services begin by plugging all the exists like the skimmers, water returns, and the main drains. This would require the use of winterizing plugs and auto cleaner. You can also perform this task by first plugging the returns and then checking if the rate of leakage slows down or not. Plug the skimmers to check whether there is any change in the rate of water loss.

The leaks in the plumbing lines are mostly caused due to ground movement or corrosion. Sometimes the return line leaks need excavation of the pool deck in order to access the location of the leak. When a leak occurs in the suction line, it may be required to penetrate the ground surrounding the deck, pool and the equipment in order to access the line. If there is a leak in the main drain, it is essential that it is repaired as soon as possible. The type of repair work depends upon the kind of leak in the drain. And, this task needs to be handled only by professionals like Plano Pool Service.

Make sure that you post a sign at the pool that doesn’t allow anyone to use it when the tests are being conducted. This step is also a safety precaution that keeps the swimmer out of danger. If you are not able to determine the reason for the leakage of water from the pool, it would be reasonable to call the services of professional pool services like Plano Pool Service, who specialize in pin-pointing and repairing pool leakages caused due to any reason.

Make sure that you hire a professional and competent service like Plano Pool Service, else pool repairing work is something that can really turn ugly. Make sure that you inquire the services about the problem and the time required to repair it completely.


3 main types of leaking problems are faced by your swimming pool, affecting its major components. You can sort out minor repair needs, but major repairs are better handled by professional pool repair services.



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