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Pool Cleaning in DFWCleaning your pool can be a huge hassle. Most homeowners already know the bane of cleaning gutters, washing windows, mowing lawns and the list goes on. An added headache is cleaning the pool. Pools require a lot of maintenance and the best way to maintain them is to utilize a pool cleaning service. This is going to ensure that the pool is cleaned correctly and alleviate a lot of the time a homeowner spends on these types of chores.

Sun Valley Pool Service is the most trusted pool cleaning service in the greater Dallas / Forth Worth Metroplex.

It should be mentioned that pool cleaning requires a great deal of knowledge about things like chlorine levels and bacteria. Not having this knowledge can lead to a bacteria filled, dirty pool even if it is cleaned daily by the homeowner. There is a balance that goes into pool cleaning and without this knowledge the pool can become like a cess pool full of germs and grime. A good pool cleaning service provides pool owners with a clean and germ free pool each time. This is completely necessary for healthy swimming.

A pool cleaning service hires people with a specific knowledge of chemistry and things like pH balances. They understand the balance a pool’s chemicals need to be at in order to create perfectly clean, clear water ideal for swimming. Any mistake could cause this balance to be thrown off and create a bacteria filled pool or even damage the pool itself. Also, too many chemicals can cause skin irritants or hurt the eyes. Pool cleaners get paid to ensure that a pool is properly balanced and perfect for use.

One of the first steps a pool cleaning service takes when cleaning a pool is disinfecting the pool. All water is subject to dangerous pathogens that can create disease causing bacteria. This can lead to things like flesh eating viruses, dysentery, E. Coli, ear infections and more. The best way to keep these diseases out of the pool is to hire a service to clean the pool. A good cleaning service also regularly tests the pool to ensure its safety for swimmers. This is very necessary considering the CDC warns that one in eight pools are unsafe to swim in! With a good pool cleaner homeowners do not have to worry that their pool is unsafe. They can rest assured they have quality professionals maintaining the levels they need to take care of those dangerous pathogens.

A pool cleaning service understands the delicate process of the filtering process. During the filtering process it is recommended that chlorine is prepared and then entered into the pool. Chlorine requires a stabilizing agent as too much or too little chlorine can cause major issues with the pool’s balance. A good pool cleaner waits for the prime time, usually right after the filtering process, to measure, mix and add chlorine to the pool. Then he or she stabilizes the chlorine making the pool once again safe to use. This is essential to good pool maintenance. Chlorine is not a wonder agent for pools. It can not just be added to a pool making everything all better. Even after Chlorine is properly added to a pool it can still combine with other chemicals and become dangerous or lose all its effectiveness.

A skilled pool cleaner maintains the balances of these chemicals to ensure that the chlorine maintains its effectiveness but also doesn’t bother swimmers. Anyone who has swam in a chlorine treated pool over an extended period of time, has at one time or another, felt the sting of too much or too little chlorine. Here at Sun Valley Pool Service, we stand by our work and guarantee that swimmers will enjoy the time spent in their pool without any harsh odors or burning eyes.

Perhaps the best bonus of having a pool cleaning service, is that homeowners no longer have to spend hours maintaining their own pool. Cleaning a pool can take hours and without proper knowledge can be drawn out even longer. New pool owners should know that attempting to maintain their own pool, without understanding these often dangerous chemicals, can end up in injuries or damage to their pool. Pools are expensive and so most homeowners would rather leave cleaning them up to the professionals.

A professional pool cleaning service can mean the difference between a quality, clean pool and a disease filled, gross one. Pool cleaning chemicals are often sold in bulk but do go bad over time and so purchasing them can oftentimes be just as expensive as hiring a service to clean a pool. The best way for a homeowner to have a safe, inexpensive swimming experience is to hire a qualified cleaning service to maintain their pool.

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