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Pool Cleaning in DFWKeeping your pool clean can be challenging. Many homeowners already feel burdened by other tasks like lawn care, cleaning the gutters, and so forth.

Adding pool maintenance to the list can feel overwhelming, even if you truly enjoy the leisure and fun of a backyard pool.

Effective pool care includes a lot of details to keep up with, including proper timing for various tasks. The best way to keep on top of it is hiring a pool cleaning service. Knowledgeable service technicians can ensure that it’s done correctly every time, on time.

Sun Valley Pool Service is the most trusted pool care company in the Dallas/Forth Worth Metroplex area.

The Importance of Professional Pool Care

Our experts have the tools and skills to monitor things like free chlorine levels, algae, and bacteria. Keeping everything balanced is the key to healthy pool water that’s safe and pleasant to swim in.

Without maintaining this balance, your pool can easily begin building hazardous levels of microbes, oils, and organic material. This process happens even more rapidly in the heat of long summer days, especially with frequent use.

Quality pool care companies ensure that their employees have a thorough understanding of things like the water’s pH, cyanuric acid levels, and so forth. They also understand how weather, backyard foliage, and frequency of use can affect the various levels that need monitoring.

A careless mistake could offset the balance, allowing an excess of microbial growth, and even damage the pool itself. Oh the other hand, too many chemicals will irritate a swimmer’s eyes and skin. So you can see why it is important to stay vigilant about the condition of your pool!

These are just a few of the substances regularly measured in a pool test kit:

  • Chlorine
  • Bromine
  • Cyanuric Acid
  • Alkaline

The Cleaning Process

After all visible debris is removed from your pool and its filters, the process of disinfecting begins. Did you know that you, the swimmer, contribute to the build-up of harmful microbes in your pool? Humans bring sunscreen, natural body oils, hair, and bacteria into the pool water, which makes the chlorine and other chemicals work even harder!

Another fun fact: did you know that the CDC estimates at least 1 in 10 pools is unfit for swimmers?!? All the more reason to put your trust in a quality pool service company.

Once your pool care technician has tested the various levels in your pool water, they will begin making appropriate adjustments. This may include:

  • Adding chlorine
  • Adding an algaecide
  • Shocking the pool if severely dirty/imbalanced
  • Adding alkaline to adjust the pH
  • Adding a stabilizer to adjust total vs. free chlorine

Your pool care technician may also check various hardware related to your drains, filters, pumps, hoses, and heating system. These components all need to be working properly in order to keep the pool water clean and evenly filtrated.

Free Up Your Time!

The best part of hiring a pool care service is that it’s one less chore for a busy homeowner, especially when you want to spend your summer downtime enjoying the sun and the pool itself!

If you aren’t sure whether it’s worth the cost, think if it this way: without a thorough knowledge of the chemicals and other substances listed above, you can easily throw your pool water completely off-kilter with a simple mistake. This hazard could lead to:

  • An overgrowth of algae and bacteria
  • An ineffective filter that’s been left too long without cleaning/changing
  • Excessive chemicals that can burn your skin and eyes
  • Damage to your pumps and filtration system

pool chemicalsAny one of those can easily add up to a costly and unhealthy disaster that outweighs the moderate expense of hiring a professional!

Don’t put your valuable pool and your family’s safety at risk with limited knowledge, when you deserve to know your pool is always in top condition with safe and healthy chemical levels.

Sun Valley Pool Service is happy to attend to your pool care needs. CLICK HERE to get a free service estimate!