Pool Maintenance

Our Weekly Services Include:

Sun Valley Pool Vacuum

Sun Valley Pool Service will do extensive water testing weekly to make sure that water is always safe for swimmers and there is the correct amount of chemicals.

Routine pool maintenance is required to avoid expensive repairs.  Although pool equipment repairs may be necessary at some point, regular maintenance can help pool owners avoid the need for them more often than necessary.

Trustworthy Pool Maintenance

All New Customers Get 3rd Month Service for Free

If dirt and debris is allowed to stay in pools for an extended period of time it can result in damage to a pool.  Pool maintenance from Sun Valley’s service protects pools from these invasive materials.

We’ll keep your pool clean by providing a service of regular vacuuming.

Sun Valley Pool Vacuum

Our Hammerhead vacuum cleaners are the best in the industry and you cannot get the same quality vacuum job with those cleaners that you buy and leave in your pool.  Sometimes pool owners can tell they need vacuuming when their pool has a slippery or sandy floor. 

If a pool is not vacuumed for an extended period of time, debris may find its way into a filter.  Large debris can destroy a filter.  Filters can be expensive to repair or replace.  Often it is very difficult and expensive to repair a pool’s filter.