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Any long term pool owner is going to run into an occasion during which a swimming pool repair is needed.  Pool repairs can be expensive therefore it is recommended that pool owners take preventative measures to maintain their pools.  This care can take a great deal of time so busy pool owners should consider hiring a pool cleaning service to maintain their pool on their behalf.  Not taking these measures can result in a damaged and unusable pool or worse a dangerous pool harboring sickness causing pathogens and bacteria.

Pool water needs to be tested every day that it is in use.  Chemical testing kits should be kept on hand to test the water and determine if it is safe and clean to swim in.  There can sometimes be too many chemicals, which can hurt eyes and rash skin.  Or too little chemicals which allows for dangerous pathogens to thrive in the water which in turn can cause awful sickness or disease in swimmers.  The CDC warns that one in eight pools are harboring these pathogens which is why it is important that pool owners regularly test their water and maintain a healthy swimming area.  Over time the dirt in a pool can cause damage which results in a need for an expensive swimming pool repair.

Pool’s sides and floors need to be vacuumed every so often to get to debris, dirt and algae that can and form on pool bottoms.  If a pool bottom is unusually slippery this is a sign that the pool is dirty and requires vacuuming to return it to a clean state.  When a pool isn’t vacuumed regularly this build up can increase and eventually damage the pool itself.  Whether large debris ends up in the filter or another damage takes place the need for an expensive repair may put a pool owner in a financial hardship.  If repairs aren’t dealt with immediately they will increase over time causing more of a bind and perhaps even make the pool completely unusable.  This is a very good reason to maintain a pool.

Cleaning a filter is perhaps the most important maintenance a pool owner can take to ensure that there is no need for an expensive pool repair.  Depending on the type of pool filter there are a variety of different ways to clean a filter.  Sometimes cleaning a pool filter can be dangerous.  DE filters require that they are cleaned by following many steps.  No step should be skipped or looked over because the equipment is dangerous and electrical.  Failing to turn off electricity to a pool filter can result in a shock especially since the equipment will be wet.  There is also a danger of explosion when dealing with filters.  Sometimes it is a better idea for pool owners to consult a professional before attempting to clean a pool filter on one’s own.

Filters can become clogged due to debris larger than they can handle getting into them.  Leaves are a common cause of filter clogging.  Once water stops running through the pump the filter can and will break.  Replacing a pool filter is not an expensive and complicated pool repair.  Regular pool filter cleaning can keep a pool filter functioning properly for a really long time.

Pools require a perfect balance of chemicals in order to be safe for swimmers and function properly.  Too many chemicals or too little chemicals both have their draw backs and both can result in an expensive pool repair.  Testing the pools chemical balances will help pool owners avoid these repairs and also keep their pools safe from dangerous bacterias and pathogens which will attempt to harbor in any water and once they do the process of removing them can be complicated and expensive.

Water levels should also be maintained.  When water gets too low it will no longer pump through the filter.  Water needs to be added to pools every so often to avoid damaging the filter and the pool itself.  This is going to help pool owners avoid the need for a costly pool repair.  It is also important that new chemicals are added to the water.  All newly added water needs to be treated in order to make it safe to swim in.  Keep water levels balanced and above the filter.  Pool owners should be clear on where the pool levels should be.  There may even be indicators on some pools.

Cleaning pools and monitoring chemicals are necessary for all pools.  These measures keep pools clean and safe for swimmers.  When a pool isn’t maintained then it may become damaged.  When a pool repair is needed it is important that the pool owner take care of it right away.  Allowing a pool to remain damaged for an extended period of time can result in the damage spreading and becoming more expensive.  This is a good reason for pool owners to always take preventative measures in order to avoid these costly damages.

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