Pool Repair Man

All of our pool repairmen here at Sun Valley Pool Service are certified pool technicians fully qualified to work on your pool above the water and below it.

Routine checking and maintenance is a regular part of keeping your swimming pool working and in good condition. If you own a pool you must know that pool repair costs can be huge, even when the pool requires simple work.

The filter in your swimming pool is one of the most important parts which when maintained regularly will help your pool to work in good condition. Filter repair is one of the most common repairs done on swimming pools. These parts are comparatively less expensive to repair and change, but the cost of neglecting pool filters can result in big loss.

In a swimming pool you can find any one of three main types of filters – sand filters, cartridge filters and diatomaceous earth filters. The filter pressure needs to be monitored regularly, and it also needs to be noted when you are cleaning or replacing it. Whenever you find the water pressure reaching 10 pounds more than the initial pressure, then you should know that either the filter requires backwashing or a replacement.

Water pumps are another important part of your swimming pool, and when you find that water is not properly circulating in the pool, the pump is the reason. Pool repairmen are aware that a water pump is among the most important parts in a swimming pool, and that it can also be one of the costlier parts when it comes to replacement. Because it is expensive, it is generally recommended by experts to repair the pump than to buy a new one. However, when it becomes important to replace it wholly, you need to check on the pump to make sure that the new replacement has equal horsepower.

As per pool repairmen pumps commonly require repair with the pipe fitting that has a function to carry water out of the pump. Leaks can develop in this fitting over a period of time, starting to spray or drip water. In such a case you can perform a simple replacement of the pipe fitting and restore the pressure in the pump.

When you find that water is not reaching the pump, the skimmer baskets need to be checked for debris.