Pool Repair and Preventive Maintenance

pool-skimmingIf you own a pool it can be said with near certainty that eventually you will need a pool repair.  These repairs are needed from time to time.  Pool repairs tend to be complicated therefore it is a good idea to seek out the services of a pool repairman to do the work for you.

Daily Maintenance

If you want to avoid having repairs more often than you need to, you should try and keep your pool as clean as possible.  A pool repair is often needed because a pool wasn’t cleaned is completely. Pools require daily cleaning in order to keep them safe for you and your family.  Regular cleaning will help you avoid having your pool play host to dangerous pathogens that can cause harmful diseases and sickness.

  • Algae, dirt, debris and corrosives can begin to damage the structure of the pool.
  • The filter may be expensive to replace and if it isn’t replaced the pool will just continue to become filthier and before you know it you are draining your pool.

The tiles that were placed along the top of your pool were put there for a reason.  Most oils, dirt and debris tends to float along the top of water.  These oils can stain other materials but tiles are easy to wipe clean.  Still, sometimes these tiles can become damaged and need to be replaced.  If this pool repair is needed it may be a good idea to call in a pro.  The pool will need to be slightly drained and then the tile will need to be dried.  When a pool’s water level is going down you need to turn off the filter.  If the filter is not able to suck in water it will break.  Regular brushing is going to keep tile dirty which may help to keep it safe from injury.

Skimming the Surface

When you skim and vacuum daily you are preventing expensive pool repair.  Filters can become clogged and damaged by large debris.  Filters will eventually need to be replaced eventually as over time things wear out but they shouldn’t have to be replaced as often as they will be if you don’t skim and vacuum.  If you don’t have time or the equipment consider contacting a pool service to handle this for.

This maintenance is going to be what helps you avoid an expensive pool repair.  If you haven’t considered a pool service yet, you may now.  Pools require chemistry.  Actual chemistry.  You should be testing your water regularly to make sure that it is maintaining its balances.  These test kits are sold in many different places and are inexpensive.  They should be used daily to determine if the pool has a need for a chemical or has too much of a chemical.  Pool services not only clean your pool but they will also manage your pH balances so you don’t have to.  These professionals understand the complicated chemistry that it takes to mix these and make a perfect swimming area.

When In Doubt, Call A Professional

A professional pool repair company or a cleaning service both will shock your pool.  Your pool needs to be shocked at the beginning of the season.  Depending on the type of filter you use your pool may need shocking more often than that.  Pools that have gone too long without being shocked will begin to stain which isn’t going to look too nice.  It will bring down the over all look of your pool marring its aesthetic value.  In order to avoid this, try and shock your pool at the beginning of every season and then whenever needed afterward.  Your pool service will be able to get you on a schedule of when this needs to be done.

Off Season

If you aren’t using your pool cover you are asking for an expensive pool repair.  Pool covers are needed to protect your pool from trees, debris, wind and rain.  The wind and rain especially as algae travels in them.  Dangerous pathogens will find their homes in algae.  These pathogens can hurt swimmers in a variety of ways.  A pool cover is going to help you avoid costly pool repairs and things by protecting the pool from outside influences.  Not too mention that covering your pool can help you save many as a cover helps the pool to retain heat.

It is true that at some point or another you will need to repair your pool.  Pool repairs vary, some are expensive and some aren’t.  It all depends on what is broken.  A clean pool is going to stay functioning longer so be proactive and keep it clean.  If you can’t then consider hiring the services of a skilled, professional pool cleaner to manage it for you.

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