Pool Safety Tips from Your Local Swimming Pool Service Company

local swimming pool serviceHaving a swimming pool is lots of fun, great recreation and excellent exercise; however, to keep your pool experience on the positive side, it’s important that you and everyone who uses your swimming pool understand pool safety. In this article, we will review some essential poolside safety tips for yourself, your friends, family and guests in your pool. For assistance with pool safety, you should consult your local swimming pool service company.

Even small pools should be fenced: If possible, even children’s wading pools should be kept behind fences. Full-size pools must have safety fence and locking gates. Your pool maintenance company can advise you about the best fencing and gates for your situation.

Children must be supervised at all times: It goes without saying that there should always be an adult who is a strong swimmer present when children are swimming. Remember that it only takes 2 minutes to drown!

Establish a buddy system: Whenever groups of children are swimming, each child should have a buddy. The buddies should watch out for each other and sound the alarm if anything goes wrong.

Post and review pool rules: Pool rules should be clearly displayed in an easy to see location. When new swimmers are first introduced to the pool, the rules should be pointed out and reviewed. Your local swimming pool service can help you locate appropriate signs.

Learn First Aid & CPR: Knowing what to do in case of drowning and other life threatening emergency situations can save time and lives. Be sure that there is always an adult trained in First Aid & CPR present when the pool is in use.

If water is inhaled see a doctor right away: Drowning can happen very quickly, and even if a person seems to be all right after having been underwater for more than 2 minutes unintentionally, it’s important that a person who has inhaled water see a doctor quickly. Water in the lungs can cause serious health problems and even death long after the incident.

Familiarize yourself with the pool before swimming: Walk all the way around the pool paying close attention to the depth indicator numbers, the location of ladders, stairs and diving boards. When you are familiar with the pool, you will be unlikely to dive in the shallow end or be too disoriented to exit quickly if you are in trouble.

Make use of rope and line floats: Secure a rope and line float across your pool to make it easy for children and weak swimmers to know where the shallow end stops and the deep end begins. Your weekly pool service company can help you outfit your pool for safety.

Dip your toe in the water before entering: We’ve all seen cartoons of swimmers doing this, and there’s actually a pretty good safety reason. If you jump into water that is too cold for you, you may shout and gasp causing you to inhale a lot of water.

No horseplay: be very careful not to jump or dive on to swimmers because this could cause severe injury to you, the other swimmer or both.

No running poolside: Children ages 14 years and younger are very frequently drowning victims. One of the main ways the children and youngsters drown is by accidentally slipping and falling poolside. The combination of hard slick concrete and water can be deadly. Be careful! Always walk beside the pool

Use recreational flotation devices appropriately: Inflatable pool and Styrofoam pool toys are fun to have around; however, it’s important to remember that they are not lifesaving devices. Don’t count on them to save your life, keep your baby safe or even help someone learn how to swim.

Have proper safety equipment on hand: You should have a light, strong, rigid pole or shepherd’s crook that is at least 12′ long and has blunt ends.
Additionally, .25″ diameter throwing rope that is 1.5 times widest point across the pool up to 50′ in length. This should be secured to a 15” ring buoy or other approved safety flotation device. See your local pool service company for proper life-saving devices.

Don’t swim during a storm: If there is lightning present or thunder clouds or if it is raining, don’t risk electrocution! Get out of the water and clear the pool of swimmers.

No food or drink poolside: Avoid eating, chewing gum or drinking around the pool. Especially avoid drinking alcohol around the pool. Eating, drinking in chewing are all choking hazards, and drinking alcohol impairs judgment and is unsafe during water activities.

While this may seem like a lot of rules, the happy result of following them is safe swimming fun for everyone! To learn more about poolside safety and get help in making your pool safe and fun, call on your local swimming pool service.

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  1. Very nice points on pool safety.

    First and foremost, install a safety fence regardless of whether the pool is just a few meters wide. Gadgets and alarms may be of less value if not combined with the proper fencing. And I hope pool fencing is given the attention that it deserves.

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