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When a pool is left to dirty, without regular maintenance, there may come a need for an expensive pool repair.  Repairs can be very complicated especially when most of the damaged equipment can be located behind tile or underneath.  Pool structures need to be maintained as does the pool itself and the water.  The best way to avoid expensive repairs is to use preventative measures.

Pool owners need to regularly clean their pools.  This is an absolute must.  Allowing pools to go extended periods of time without cleaning is going to result in harmful damage to the pool and the eventual need for an expensive pool repair.  Corrosives, dirt, debris, algae all are present in a pool at one time or another.  This is why regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the pool.  Not too mention swimming in this filth is dangerous to people as eventually the pool will begin to harbor disease causing pathogens.  The CDC warns that one in eight pools harbor these pathogens.  They can cause diseases such as E. Coli, Hepatitis and more.

Unclean pools will eventually clog and then break a pool’s filter.  Purchasing and installing a new filter is an expensive and common pool repair.  This repair is needed in order to keep the pool in ideal swimming condition.  Pool filters are absolutely necessary to keep pools functioning properly.  A pool without a filter is at more of a risk for dangerous pathogens and algae.  Algae can be quite invasive and cause damage to more than one area.

Tiles should also be cleaned and maintained.  Tiles are placed at the top of pool walls for a reason.  They are there because most dirt, oil and debris float at the top of water.  This gunk can stain other materials but tile is easy to wipe clean.  When tile becomes damaged, as long as it is just the tile and not a deeper reason, the pool repair is simple and easy.  Tile is easy to repair.  Cleaning the tile regularly is a fairly good way to keep it clean, safe and in good condition.

Sometimes when tile cracks the water, people swimming or algae is not the cause of the cracking.  Instead it is the coping or bond beam.  Copings require regular maintenance in order to avoid an expensive pool repair.  Caulk is required to maintain these pieces and also avoid getting water in them.  Water can freeze and expand over time causing a bursting and eventual cracking.  Once water gets inside the results are disastrous.  Cracks in the pool’s side may confirm that a coping or bond beam is damaged but by then it may be too late and a pool repair man may need to be called in.  Cracking signifies that the issue has been going on for quite awhile behind the tile.

Pools should be regularly vacuumed and skimmed.  This keeps invasive debris that can clog a filter out of the pool and also keeps the pool clean so that it can be looked into.  Being able to see will help pool owners to spot any problems more accurately it will also keep the pool owner from having to purchase a new filter more often than they should.  Installing a new filter can be dangerous so when there is a need for this pool repair, pool owners may want to contact a pool repairing specialist to handle the issue for them.

Chemistry is also required as regular, preventative maintenance for the pool.  Not using chemicals is going to allow for damages to take place not only in the water but also in the filter, on the deck and in other areas.  The water’s chemistry must be tested regularly.  Fixing pool balances is usually a quick swimming pool repair but also requires a fair amount of chemistry knowledge.  Anyone who doesn’t already know the amount of chlorine, alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness that should be in a pool is not recommended to attempt this.

Covering a pool is going to help it keep clean and help avoid a pool repair.  Pools should be covered whenever they are not in use to keep out large debris, algae and other things.  Pool covers also protect pools from rain which brings in a large amount of algae and algae can be quite invasive.  Also, algae is home to some pretty dangerous pathogens.  Pools need to be regularly shocked in order to maintain a healthy stasis and again if algae is found in the pool.  Regularly shocking a pool is going to keep it clean and safe to swim in.

Eventually every pool owner is going to find themselves needing a pool repair.  Unfortunately most repairs are costly and also most can be avoided.  The trick is to keep the pool clean and well maintained.  This is going to ensure that repairs don’t happen often and when they do they are discovered quickly.  Early detection and early repair is the best way for a pool owner to save money.

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