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With summer barely over, many folks with pools are already anxiously awaiting the return of the hot summer months to get back outside and enjoy the fun, exercise and relaxation a pool can bring. Just because summer is over in North Texas doesn’t mean Dallas pool maintenance is over, though. If you have a pool, it needs to be maintained year round to keep bacteria and algae at bay and to keep your pool operating costs low. A well maintained pool is an efficiently operating pool, so it’s easy to see that professional Dallas pool maintenance from Sun Valley Pool Service saves you money.

Keeping a swimming pool clean and running smoothly is a surprisingly complex and demanding task. In addition to being vigilant about skimming out leaves and stray debris, it’s necessary to keep pH levels and chemical levels balanced, monitor equipment for malfunctions and keep a close eye on the structural integrity of the pool to catch any leaks or breaches in surfaces immediately. Failure to attend to any of the components of good pool maintenance could end up causing a great deal of repair expense.

A lot of people who believe they can take care of their own pool maintenance end up being very sorry they did. In addition to needing specialized skills and information, as well as access to high quality equipment, chemicals and repair components, anyone performing pool maintenance also needs a good bit of time. If you have a full time job, need to travel frequently, have arthritis or some other physical difficulty that might prevent your being able to carry out the physical aspects of pool maintenance, you may find this task an insurmountable challenge. That’s why it makes good sense to simply contact Sun Valley Pool Service for the best in Dallas pool maintenance. Then you can simply enjoy your pool!

With professional swimming pool maintenance, you will establish a maintenance schedule with your pool technician. You will know exactly when your pool will be cleaned and what will be included. Generally speaking, you can count on having debris removed, water tested and levels checked, the filtration system checked and repaired as needed with standard replacement parts included. Most Dallas pool maintenance plans are established according the to size of the pool and the frequency of maintenance care. Your skilled pool technician will provide you with regular reports on the status of your pool.

You will be able to count on regular Dallas pool maintenance to be certain that your pool is attended to on a regular basis by a professional. You won’t have to make special arrangements if you plan to be out of town or if you come down with a cold. Your pool will get its regular maintenance needs taken care of on schedule and stay sparkling clean and ready for use.

Included in your Dallas weekly pool maintenance program is cleaning. You may think you could skimp on this by using an automatic skimmer, and that might be a handy tool to have just to keep excessive debris off the surface; however, it’s no replacement for a human being who can look at your pool and make sound decisions about what needs to be done. Your pool technician will know why your pool needs more cleaning at times and will respond to that need appropriately. If there is damage, s/he will see it early on and take care of it right away to save you money and stress.

Your professional Dallas pool maintenance specialist will keep the chemical and pH levels perfect in your pool all the time without guesswork. S/he will be able to determine exactly what amounts of chemicals to use without any hit-and-miss. This is important because pool chemicals can be dangerous if mishandled. With professional Dallas pool maintenance, you won’t need to handle chemicals or even keep them on hand. Clearly, hiring a professional pool technician from Sun Valley Pool Service is the safer choice.

Sun Valley Pool has been in business in North Texas for decades, and they have a great reputation, an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Their skilled, professional, knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing the best in service to all their clients. Their Dallas pool maintenance professionals must attain certification as pool and spa operators from the National Swimming Pool Foundation. Additionally, they are thoroughly insured and licensed to perform every kind of pool repairs. This is a Texas State Requirement.

Sun Valley Pool’s Dallas pool maintenance staff goes the extra mile to provide honest, professional service. They want to make sure your pool is clear, safe and clean every day of the year. To schedule regular Dallas pool maintenance and repair, just call:

817-358-9102 (Tarrant)
972-831-1234 (Dallas)

Or use the handy online contact form.

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