Safety First Exercises for the Elderly

The first priority for every senior contemplating exercise is to think about safety. Weekly swimming pool service Even if you have run a marathon in the past, you need to select exercises you feel comfortable doing and don’t stress the joints. If you are searching for a good exercise program, your first action is to see your doctor and get a check-up on your present state of health. Plunging into any activity can lead to physical disability.

Swimming comes a close second next to walking. The buoyanc of water is easy on stiff ankles, knees and thighs. Weekly pool service aerobics is a popular activity among seniors and none of them need to worry about showing off sags, moles and wrinkles.

Those who possess more flexibility can get a set of light weights to exercise at home. If weight lifting isn’t desirable, there’s always dancing. Whether it’s jiving to the golden oldies or taking up ballroom dancing, many seniors can have fun and stay in shape. Weekly pool services

Travel requires planning and packing for the journey. Sight seeing requires you to walk and if you have the grandkids along, you’ve got a better chance to stay healthy. There’s no reason for any senior to languish in front of the television when there’s so much of the world to explore.

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