Swimmers Enjoy Pain Free Summer With Swimming Ear Plugs

Thousands of swimmers will endure agonizing ear infections this year simply because they have failed to take simple preventive measures, warn swimming equipment suppliers  Swim Stop.

Swimmer’s Ear – a painful outer ear infection which affects one in every 250 bathers annually – is caused by water trapped in the ear canal after swimming.

Many competitive swimmers know the agony of Swimmer’s Ear all too well. Some cannot race  or train until it is healed due to the discomfort.

Besides the pain, other symptoms can include itchiness, redness, inflammation, fever and ringing in the ears. If not treated correctly, infections can lead to hearing difficulties and even permanent hearing loss.

But Swimmer’s Ear can be very easily prevented with the simple use of high quality swimming ear plugs, such as Putty Buddies and Ear Band-it.

These soft, comfy silicon ear plugs are recommended by doctors and by Swim Stop, which has at least 10 years of experience in providing high quality swim products to competitive and leisure swimmers.

Putty Buddies together with the Ear Band–it provide convenient, proven ear protection for  both kids and adults. They should be inserted into the ears just before swimming then allowed to expand gently to offer a snug, comfortable fit.

Providing increased protection the Ear Band-It, a comfortable neoprene and Velcro band, has been designed to hold the Putty Buddies swimming ear plugs in place. It fits securely over the ears to help stop water entering the ear canals.

As well as providing ear protection for swimming, Putty Buddies and Ear Band-It can also be essential for water enthusiasts with grommets or eardrum perforations – or for who simply do not like getting water in their ears.

Avoiding ear infections is a worldwide issue. More than 700,000 people have grommets placed in their ears every year in the US alone. Using ear putty and Ear Band–it can help to keep water and chemicals from swimmers’ ears.

A spokesman for Swim Stop stated: “Swimming is a great way to exercise, stay healthy and entertain the children – whether at the beach, water park, lido or the local indoor pool.

“With a lot of fun activities – such as water polo, synchronised swimming and competitive swimming – Putty Buddies and the Ear Band-It will prevent the chance of young children and adults susceptible to ear infections~ from missing out.

“Splash out on some ear protection and enjoy great swimming without any of the pain of ear infections.”

For additional details about Putty Buddies and the Ear Band-It headband, please contact swim specialist Swim Stop on (44) 023 9226 4196.

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