Swimming Pools in the Ancient History


You are probably wondering what the first swimming pool is like and how this popular recreation evolved.  It all started with bathers, after which came swimmers and now we have athletes who considered swimming pool as their home.


The first pool ever dug was dug during 300 BC. It was called the Great Bath located at Mohenjo-Daro. Measuring 12 x 7 in meters, bricks were the types of materials useful for its lining and it had been covered by tar as its base sealant.


It was then accompanied by the Greeks as well as the Romans who created pools for athletic purposes inside their palaestras. Palaestra is an ancient Greek school for wrestling. The objective of the pool would go to their nautical games and exercises which are military. Private pools were first owned by Roman Emperors which fish were also kept. And if you will ask what first Jacuzzi was? It had been created in Rome by the Roman named Gaius Maecenas throughout the 1oo BC. Maecenas was Roman lord who was simply very wealthy because he was also known to be one of the very first art patrons.


Came 400 BC, Kuttam Pokuna in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka was built by ancient Sinhalese. Flights of steps, punkalas and scrolls are available on this pool as it had become designed that way.


In Britain, swimming pools made its way in the middle of the 1800s. Six diving boards on the pool were created in London, England.  While in Glasgow, Scotland, the oldest Swimming Club are available and yes it is still running and it is called the Arlington Baths Club.  It had become in the year of 1870 when it was founded and its Victorian building is in a good condition to this day in addition to its 21M pool.


Ever since the Olympics were only available in 1896 which included swimming in the category, swimming popularity sky rocketed.  Oxford had its first public indoor pool in 1896. Located at Temple Cowley, swimming started to be a hit.


In 1869, the Amateur Swimming Association was developed in England while the Oxford Swimming Club came in 1909.


Competitive swimming rose after World War I. Standards were made and was even enhanced and training became part of the agenda. Pools that are available at home became a hit in america following the World War II. Hollywood didn’t escape its madness when it featured swimming pools on the film Esther Williams’ Million Dollar Mermaid.


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