The Allure Of Hot Tubs

It seems everyone desires for a hot tub these days. Yet, upon taking a glimpse of it, it’s a bit puzzling why people crave for it where in fact it is very costly not only upon purchase but also its maintenance. Just to have a relaxing experience of soaking into a pool of warm water with massaging heads in it? If that’s all what they’re after, then a bath tub is a much more affordable substitute which is also much manageable to clean and disinfect than a hot tub. Thus, there must be something else pushing these people to go after buying hot tubs, but what could it be? There are many possibilities, of course, but I believe they can be narrowed down to two things.

First and foremost would be media representation. Whenever we see movies that have highly paid, highly skilled people as characters, we almost inevitably see them in their own hot tubs, sipping fancy drinks, with a charming lady or guy accompanying them. A cite captivating enough for one to be tempted to buy one and show off how successful he is.

Is there a person who doesn’t desire a good pay off as well as a gorgeous companion to hang out with? Yet, if hindrances come your way in  achieving those three things, a hot tub for sure can be available at either of the stores nearby, there is some unconscious hope that, upon having one piece of the puzzle, the other pieces will quickly fall into place. While people generally don’t think this way consciously, and I doubt there’s a big Hollywood conspiracy to make people buy hot tubs, it’s hard to deny that this message of success and happiness is what comes with the vision of a hot tub.

A wide variety of hot tubs for sale are presently out in the market. Of which include inflatable hot tubs, wooden hot tubs, acrylic spas and in-ground spas. Inflatable hot tubs also known as portable hot tubs and spas can easily fit to a budget. On the other hand, wooden hot tubs are of the simplest structure among the other hot tubs along with a built in aromatic smell from the wood used in building it. Another type is the acrylic hot tub which is the most commonly used and most popular of all the types. Lastly, is the in-ground spa which requires a very luxurious budget to install and maintain one making it the most expensive among the other types of hot tubs.

The other reason comes from, but is still separate from, the first reason. It’s the standard “keeping up with the neighbor” scenario. Common scenarios go this way. A neighbor out of nowhere buys something which could either be a car, a new hot tub, or even a gazebo. Then suddenly you, noticing your neighbor’s new item, instantly gets the desire to get exactly the same thing or far more better than your neighbor’s item, so as to establish a distinction that you are as good as they are. Again, while I don’t feel that people do this consciously, it’s been well documented how easily human being’s fall prey to jealousy.

Does the fact that the allure of hot tubs comes from what most people consider negative reactions mean that hot tubs are bad – not at all. Hot tubs may be labelled as a lavish item in the market. But, it also has its advantages towards its prospective buyers. A very affordable luxury spa is  a 2 person hot tub.

Regardless of how logical the reasons are behind not getting one. Hot tubs are at some point has its therapeutic properties. Pretty scenery, combined with massaging water jets and warm water, can make for a most relaxing time. Additionally, hot tubs are known for its hydrotherapeutic operations wherein it is documented to give not only body and muscle relaxation but also helps in the lowering of blood pressure, loosening arthritic joints and keeping one’s body weight and blood sugar within normal levels.

However, it’s positive aspects still doesn’t erase the reality that hot tubs are the products of our desires and wants and not a logical need. Good, bad, or otherwise.

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