Top 5 Best Pool Brushes

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A pool brush is a must-have to add to your pool supply list. This simple tool can help you get rid of algae growths, limestone, grease, stains, and other debris that are deposited on the bottom and walls of your pool.

Our list of pool brushes will help guide you in selecting the right one for your specific needs. It’s important to note that our selection of the top 5 best pool brushes is exclusively based on the type of material or bristles, price points, attachments (pole and head), size, weight, and popularity.

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Here is a list of the brushes we will talk about today:

  • 18-inch Blue Devil Pool Wall Brush Deluxe with Poly Bristles
  • Milliard Nylon Brush
  • Lalapool Swimming Pool Brush
  • Blue Torrent 360 Degree Brush
  • Aquatix Pro Pool Brush

18-inch Blue Devil Pool Wall Brush Deluxe with Poly Bristles 

This metal-reinforced brush from Blue Devil is designed to remove algae, calcium build, and other pool debris on vinyl-lined, plaster, tiles, and other pool surfaces. 

The brush comes with an 18-inch curved head that helps you to clean out algae and dirt from tricky spots around steps, floors, and corners.

ProTip Takeaway: Devil Pool Wall Brush Deluxe with Poly Bristles can be your perfect option if you’re looking for a cheap pool brush. 


  • Comes with stiff poly bristles
  • Has a metal backing that offers enough strength to scrub the walls
  • Offers a large sweep area (18”) 
  • Durable
  • One of the most affordable pool brushes


  • Bristles will begin to fall when used on rougher pool surfaces

Milliard Nylon Pool Brush

Milliard Nylon Pool Brush is suitable for pools with softer or delicate liners. This pool brush comes with stiff nylon bristles which are effective against tough build-up on your pool.  It can also clean vinyl and painted surfaces without damaging them.


  • The ABS plastic handle is angled at 45 degrees – an ideal position.
  • Ideal for painted and fragile coverings
  • Affordably priced


  • Considering how economical the brush is, its durability is not the best.

Lalapool Swimming Pool Brush

The Lalapool Swimming Pool Wall and Tile Brush, is one of the most affordable and reliable pool brushes on the market. 

This brush is lightweight and quite durable, thanks to its heavy-duty aluminum body.

The brush also features curved edges, which make it easier to clean corners.  It has high-density, nylon-plastic bristles that are suitable for cleaning fragile surfaces like vinyl.


  • Sweeps large surface (18-inches)
  • Lightweight


  • Bristles can fall out

Blue Torrent Brush

This brush is the best pool brush for cleaning tight corners, steps, tiled surfaces, ladders, and wood decks. The pool brush is heavy-duty and features stiff durable poly bristles for effective cleaning.

The brush also comes with a pole connection system that connects with the pole and the brush for more strength.

Sometimes when you’re cleaning your pool or checking your equipment, you may notice something that has become damaged.  You may need to schedule a pool repair service.


  • Features 360-degree design
  • Suitable for soft pool liners
  • Comes with a unique pole connection


  • Costly

Aquatix Pro Pool Brush

The Aquatix Pro Pool Brush features stainless steel bristles that remove all the stains and marks from the walls and floor of your pool. Despite it featuring metal bristles, the brush is suitable for cleaning sensitive surfaces and oddly shaped areas.


  • Lightweight 
  • Reaches pools corners
  • Comes with fine metal bristles


  • Costly

Final Thoughtsman cleaning pool

No matter which brush you decide to go with, all the options on this list are great brushes.  You can’t keep your pool clean without a handy pool brush.  Plus, they are also great for fishing googles and other things out of the bottom of the pool.

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