Top 5 Pool Cleaner Problems

Are you having unnecessary headaches with your current pool cleaner. This can be resolved easily if you actually knew exactly what the problem was. Don’t you think so? A problem identified is 50% solved. In truth, every pool is designed differently as such the number of pool cleaners that you will employ in the cleaning of your pool will be limited to the type of design of your pool. So this is why most pool builders include a cleaner as part of the agreement so that you wouldn’t have much problems in future regarding its cleaning. However, Despite this advantage, if you have a pool, you are sure to run into problems regarding the pool cleaner from time to time. But don’t worry about that, in this article, I’m going to show you the top 5 pool cleaner problems that you are most likely to encounter. This way you are able to trouble shot what the problem is when your pool cleaner starts developing faults. With this knowledge, you can even take care of the pool cleaner without having to pay someone else to come around and fix it for you. So if you are ready to get started, let’s roll:

1. Tangling of Hose:

This usually occurs when you hang the hose of the cleaner on a hook and allow it to stay there all through the winter. It could also occur if you wind up the hose too tightly together. To avoid this kind of problem ensure that you spread out the hose in the sun. Also check and make sure that all hose swivels are functioning properly. Also you may experience problems with pool cleaners due to water logging of the hose floats. This causes the hose to sink below the surface. In this case all you have to do is to replace the hose floats. Problems with pool cleaners can also be experienced as a result of too much hose for the pool size. The cleaner should be able to reach the farthest point of the pool, plus 3 feet.

2. slow movement of the pool cleaners

In order for your Pressure or Suction pool cleaners to function at a very high speed as required, the pump basket and clean filter need to be cleaned properly. If you are using Pressure pool cleaners, make sure they have debris screens, usually at the wall attachment. If they do, ensure you observe these regularly, and clean them as frequently as possible.
Also you could experience problems if the Wheel bearings, Tires, Tracks are not fit tightly and properly. This is in order to prevent slippage. Check to see if there is any leakage in water pressure. Pressure cleaners need full pressure to operate properly.

3. Pool Cleaner does not move at all

You generally experience this if small sticks and stones get lodged inside the throat of  the pool cleaner. Especially the pressure or suction type of pool cleaners. Also check if the drive belt have not snapped or become too worn if the pool cleaner is belt driven. On the other hand, If booster pump driven, to fix it all you have to do is to disconnect the cleaner at the wall, and also ensure that you are experiencing good water pressure out of the wall. For suction cleaners, again, make sure that the pump and filter are cleaned. This may cause the pool cleaner to stop working. Beware.

4. Pool cleaner Gets stuck in one spot

Most times, the pressure cleaner that your builder will provide for you will have a backup valve to prevent this. Despite that, make sure that this is operating. At least check every 3 minutes. The pool cleaner can get stuck in one place and stop in one place if your hose is too short for the pool. Also problems can arise if the Pressure cleaner wheels are loose . This can cause spinning. Problems such as Suction cleaners getting stuck on high spots in pool plaster or on a drain cover can also occur. For the latter, a pool cleaner drain cover can be used. Ladders are known to trap cleaner a lot. Therefore make sure that the manufacturer have “ladder guards” that you can use to prevent this.

5. Problem of pool cleaners not reaching all areas of the pool.

The first thing you should know is that Water flow from your pool returns can prevent pool cleaners travel into certain areas of the pool. Also several of the available pool cleaners will not be able to climb steps or reach love-seats. If there is an internal issue with the gear box of the Suction cleaners, you may be able to experience this kind of problem.
Finally, now that you have know the 5 most probable problems that your pool cleaner can develop as well as how to handle them, I believe you wouldn’t have to experience much headaches in future with regards to your pool cleaners.

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