Understand How Chlorine Works to Sanitize Your Pool

Understanding how chlorine works to sanitize your pool can help you understand why professional pool service is necessary to properly maintain a pool.  Chlorine is an essential part of pool maintenance however, too little or too much can have dangerous side effects.  Not too mention that chlorine also can react to other pool chemicals such as pH balances and not be as effective.  Chlorine is absolutely necessary to safe, functioning pool and it takes a trained professional to make sure it is added at the right levels.

Chlorine is added to pools to kill off dangerous bacterias and pathogens that can cause sickness in swimmers.  Chlorine actually combines with these pathogens and renders them inactive, sanitizing a pool.  When too little chlorine is added to a pool these pathogens will continue to be a harmful contaminant in the pool water.  The professionals working at Sun Valley Pool Service are skilled experts when it comes to properly chlorinate a pool.  These professionals understand the amount of chlorine needed for a safe swimming pool should be between 1 and 3 ppm.  This is the perfect amount of chlorine to ensure that swimmers are safe from dangerous pathogens but also that they are not going to feel the negative impact of too much chlorine in a pool.

Too much chlorine can leave eyes stinging after a swim.  It can also irritate the skin of sensitive swimmers.  When a pool owner attempts to add chlorine without the help of a skilled pool service professional they may become exposed to chlorine.  Chlorine, before it is diluted, is especially dangerous to people.  It can be quite harmful to the skin and eyes.  If got into the eyes there is a chance of permanent damage.  Also, if chlorine is swallowed it can be fatal or have serious injury causing effects.  It is best to allow chlorine to be handled and dispensed by skilled professionals who understand the dangerous nature of these chemicals.  It should also go without saying that chlorine should absolutely be stored far away from where children can get it.

There are many different types of chlorine to choose from.  Depending on pool size, type, location and even shape some chlorine is better than others.  A professional pool service can offer its customers relief to the headache that is choosing a specific type of chlorine.  The professionals at Sun Valley Pool Service carry different types of chlorine, always selecting the one that would be most beneficial to your pool type.  This alleviates customers from having to determine concentration levels, sodium levels and whether they require tablets or sticks.  Chlorine type is based on a number of contributing factors including pool use as well as its type and location.

The most common form of chlorine is a tablet.  Tablets are tossed into the pool and depending on if a pool owner is going for weekly service or just irregular service, a pool cleaning company can advise on how many tablets should be used daily or otherwise.  Customers also may look for an automatic chlorine feeder.  However, if something should damage this machine then a pool would be wide open for dangerous pathogens.  The best way to maintain adequate levels of chlorine is with a professional taking care of your pool.  They test once a week to determine levels and adjust chemicals as needed which guarantees a perfectly safe and clean swimming experience.  It also means no rashes or sore eyes from over chlorinating which can happen with an automatic feeder.

Chlorine sticks can also be used in a pool.  They are slow to dissolve.  Normally these sticks are used in small pools and spas and not larger swimming pools.  This is because larger pools are open to the elements allowing for a greater risk of dangerous pathogens finding their way into the pool.  This means chlorine sticks are dissolving slowly, allowing for chlorine levels to lesson and make the pool dangerous to swim in again.  A professional pool service can ensure that this does not take place.  They will maintain proper chlorine levels at all time making pool maintenance less of a headache for homeowners.  They can rest assured that their families and friends are safe swimming in a pool that was quality cleaned.

The professional pool cleaners that work for Sun Valley Pool Service understand the need for perfectly maintained chlorine balances.  They work hard to ensure that pools have the correct balance of chemicals that kill dangerous pathogens.  The CDC warns that one in eight pools in the country have dangerous, disease harboring pathogens and bacterias living inside them.  These pathogens can find their way into the human body and cause disease.  However, if a pool is properly maintained by pool service professionals and cleaned at all times, with the right chemicals levels, homeowners can rest assured that their pools are safe for swimming.

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