Colleyville Pool Service

Sun Valley Pool Service offers the best pool service in Colleyville. There’s just no getting around the fact that your pool is a repository for all kinds of gunk, both from people swimming in it and from the environment. Leaves, dirt, and debris blown into your pool by high Texas winds can wreak havoc with your filtration system and make your pool cloudy and dirty. If you neglect pool cleaning, your pool can become a dangerous brew of germs, viruses and bacteria. It’s very important that you use a qualified pool service to be certain your pool is properly cleaned and maintained at optimum chemical and pH balance for your safe enjoyment.

Regular pool service in Colleyville from Sun Valley will include all the chemicals necessary for routine care, testing for pH and chemical balance and adjustment as needed. Additionally, our skilled, licensed, insured pool service professional will empty strainer baskets and Polaris or automatic cleaner bags, backwash and clean your pool’s filtration system, brush the walls, steps and floor of your pool, scrub the tiles and vacuum your pool using a Hammerhead Vacuum.

You may not realize how important it is to keep your pool filter clean. After all, the filter is supposed to keep the pool clean; however, in doing this, your filter becomes very filthy. If it is not cleaned properly and regularly, it will just release dirt and germs back into the pool. You may do your part to skim your pool every day and remove visible debris, but all the while, germs are building up inside your filter. If you do not have a skilled and trained Colleyville pool service professional come in to clean your filter every week, you could be setting yourself up for cloudy water, slippery walls and floor and lots of germs and bacteria that will present a hazard to you and your family. Algae grows more prolifically in dirty water, and that just give pathogens a very inviting medium in which to grow.

While you may believe you can clean your pool filter yourself, you should be aware of the fact that this can be a dangerous job. The germs and bacteria that collect in your pool filter can be considered a biohazard. Certain rules apply to maintaining the filter and disposing of the waste that is removed from it. For this reason, you are much better off to arrange for professional pool service in Colleyville and to trust a pool service professional from Sun Valley to handle this potentially dangerous job.

Sun Valley Pool Service can show you the difference between DIY pool maintenance and professional pool service. When you sign up for pool service from Sun Valley, we will give you a free month to see for yourself just how sparkling, clean and pleasant your pool can be. Our skilled pool service tech will inspect all of your pool system equipment, test your water’s pH level and chemical levels and make appropriate adjustments, and vacuum your pool with a Hammerhead Vacuum System. Additionally, your pool service professional will empty your automatic cleaner bags, your skimmer and pump strainer baskets, skim the surface of the pool, and scrub the steps, wall and tile. All the necessary chemicals for routine maintenance are included in this service. Just sign up for our monthly newsletter to get all this free for one month!

Sun Valley Pool Service offers best in Colleyville pool service in the DFW area. We have been in the business of taking care of pools throughout the Metroplex for almost 3 decades. As a family owned business, building firm, trusting relationships with all of our clients – business or residential – is our top priority. Each of our Colleyville pool service and repair team members is well-trained and qualified to keep your pool clean and operating efficiently year-round.

For the best in Colleyville pool service in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, just call:

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Or use our handy web contact form. Either way, you get your first month of weekly maintenance free! At Sun Valley Pool Service, we never make you sign any binding contracts! We are so sure you will love our pool service in Colleyville, that we will simply give you a month to try. If for any reason, you do not wish to continue, just let us know. We’ll be sad to see you go and look forward to seeing you again!