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Because Texas is one of the hottest places on the face of the earth, it’s a great place to have a pool! When it comes to maintaining your pool, that’s another story! During the hottest months, all you want to do is enjoy your pool – not struggle with it! Weekly pool maintenance is an awful lot of work, but if you don’t maintain your pool correctly, you’ll soon be facing disaster. A pool that’s not well-cared for is a real health hazard. That’s why you should have a professional Duncanville pool service tech visit weekly to provide the best in pool service.

Regular maintenance from Sun Valley Pool Service includes a thorough inspection of all of your pool system equipment. Skilled, highly trained Duncanville pool service professionals take care of emptying automatic cleaner bags and strainer baskets, brushing steps, floor and walls, backwashing and cleaning the filtration system, and vacuuming with a Hammerhead Vacuum. Your Duncanville pool service tech will test your water chemistry and add any routine chemicals needed for proper adjustment.

A clean swimming pools starts with a clean filter! Between weekly pool service in Duncanville by your skilled Sun Valley Pool Service professional, your filter is all that stands between you and a dirty pool! You may skim your pool one or more times a day to remove large debris (e.g. dirt and leaves) but your filter will still be catching lots of little particles you may not be able to see. This debris will build up in your filter, and germs and pathogens will begin to grow. This causes cloudy water that promotes the growth of algae, which will encourage more germs and bacteria.

Your skilled Duncanville pool service professional knows how to handle the potentially hazardous grime that can build-up. Some filters display a warning label with strict instructions regarding handling this bio-hazardous material. It’s easy to see why you should have professional Duncanville pool service personnel from Sun Valley Pools handle this risky business!

For the very best in Duncanville pool service in the DFW area, trust Sun Valley Pool Service, an established pool service company that has been taking care of pools all across the Metroplex since the early 1980s. As a family owned business, this company strives to build firm, trusting relationships with both business and residential clients. All members of Sun Valley’s Duncanville pool service and pool repair team are well-trained and qualified to keep your pool clean and operating efficiently year-round.

For the best in Duncanville pool service in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, just call:

817-358-9102 (Tarrant)
972-831-1234 (Dallas)

You can also use the handy web contact form. Either way, be sure to ask how you qualify for a month of weekly pool service free!

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