Grand Prairie Pool Service

As a homeowner in Grand Prairie, you have an investment in your swimming pool, and like any investment, you must safeguard and protect it so that it will maintain value. Sun Valley Pool Service will help you to keep your Grand Prairie pool clean, beautiful and free of damage with regular pool service and maintenance.

Sun Valley’s Grand Prairie pool service starts with intensive testing of your pool water to determine whether or not it is safe. While it is possible for you to do chemical testing yourself with a kit, it’s a good idea to have it done by a professional. Grand Prairie pool service professionals have years of experience in reading and understanding chemical testing results. They know just what it takes to keep your pool water clean and safe so that it won’t cause irritation or injury to skin and eyes.

Your Grand Prairie pool service specialist will schedule regular appointments to inspect and clean your pool and take care of adjusting the chemical and pH levels. Your pool can be destroyed by damage, cracks and excessive algae more quickly than you might think. If small damage is allowed to linger, it can lead to very costly repairs. By having a skilled professional from Sun Valley Pool Service inspect your pool regularly, you can stay on top of any damage and have it repaired before it gets out of hand.

The equipment your Grand Prairie pool service professional uses is the best in the pool maintenance industry today. If you are using an automated vacuum now, you will definitely notice the difference the first time your pool is cleaned using Grand Prairie pool service professional grade vacuum. With regular, professional vacuuming, you will never have to risk a hazardous, slippery pool floor again!

Skilled Grand Prairie pool service technicians can protect your pool from damage caused by dirt and debris. When a pool is not regularly and thoroughly vacuumed, a lot of rubbish can get into the filter. When this happens, the filter begins to malfunction and eventually breaks down. Your regular Grand Prairie pool service will include inspection and cleaning of your filtration system. No matter what kind of filter you have, your Grand Prairie pool service tech will know how to take care of it.

Your filter can also be damaged by oils and dirt that accumulate in the pool. The purpose of tiles in a pool is to protect areas of the pool that are exposed to excessive wear and/or oils and dirt. That’s why there is always a line of tiles around the top edge of a pool. When you order Grand Prairie pool service from Sun Valley, you can be sure these tiles will be cleaned regularly making your pool more attractive. In addition to aesthetics, cleaning this dirt and oil away protects your filter and prevents the need for excessive shock treatment.

Grand Prairie pool service, provided by Sun Valley Pool Service, also includes a seasonal shock treatment, which consists of super-chlorinating your pool. A shock treatment of 5 times the normal amount of chlorine will remove algae, dirt and cloudiness. It is necessary once a season or whenever this sort of problem occurs. Pools that are not given regular maintenance need shock treatment quite frequently, but with regular Grand Prairie pool service, the number of times this must be done annually can be reduced.

Let Sun Valley Pool Service save you the expense and aggravation of costly repairs, new pool filters, re-caulking and other expensive procedures. Get regular Grand Prairie pool service to protect your valuable investment.