Plano Pool Service

It is essential to clean swimming pools regularly so as to keep them free from harmful bacteria. Professional swimming pool repair and cleaning companies like Plano Pool Service perform pool cleaning in 3 parts – manual cleaning, chemicals and filtration in order to keep your pool shining and safe for use.

Manual cleaning is an essential even if the swimming pool has been cleaned through filtration system and chemicals. Debris of large size such as leaves floating on the surface of the pool has to be removed manually using pool nets. And, the algae forming on the pool walls as well as have to be removed manually using brush or pool vacuum. Pool vacuum and pool filter are connected together, so the debris and algae sucked by the vacuum go to the filter. And, the algae that you remove from the walls using brush falls, into the water entering the filter.

In order to make the pools safer for swimming, it is essential that you install a system to destroy bacteria. Chlorine is one of the most commonly used and effective chemicals used for killing algae and bacteria in swimming pools. As per Water Quality and Health Council, pool repair companies like Plano Pool Service use chlorine in 90% of residential pools. Another chemical that is used in sanitizing pools is Bacquacil. Some pool owners use this chemical as it may not cause as much eye irritation as chlorine.

If you want to minimize the use of chemicals, it would be ideal to use salt water pools. If you want to install this type of pool, it would be required to install a salt water generator in the pool. This generator breaks the salt to form hypochlorous acid that sanitizes water. Without concern for the kind of sanitizer used in your swimming pool, pool cleaning services like Plano Pool Service ensure that the pH level of the water remains at optimum level in order to allow the chemicals to work.

If you do not want to use chemicals in the pool it is would be ideal to have the natural swimming pool. In this type of pool repair and cleaning companies like Plano Pool Service place fish and aquatic plants that keep the water clean.

Filtration is an important part of your swimming pool that cannot at all be ignored. The pump and the filter are the two main components of this part. The pool water is cycled through the filter by the pump. Filters may have a cartridge of sand or diatomaceous earth that traps the debris that flows in from the pool water. The filter holds back the debris and clean water moves back into the pool. According to pool repair companies like Plano Pool Service it is necessary that you run the filter and pump system for at least 6 hours a day in order to clean the debris in the pool.

If you are a swimming pool owner, make sure that you remain acquainted with professional and reputable weekly pool service companies like Plano Pool Service as you would require repair and maintenance services from time to time. What is the range of professional services offered by such companies and when you should call for their services? Most of these companies provide a variety of services to cover all types of pool repair, maintenance and cleaning services. The features of each and every kind of service are described here.

It would be better to have an annual maintenance contract with a repair company. This is an economical way to ensure that your swimming pool remains clean throughout the year. Such a maintenance contract involves debris removal, water treatment and testing, filtration system checking, component replacement and water level maintenance. Regular maintenance and cleaning also prolongs the life of your pool, also keeping the users protected. An experienced and professional company like Plano Pool Service also provides you with regular maintenance reports for the health of your pool.

In addition to regular maintenance, professional companies also offer special services like filter and pump replacement, and pool repair services that involves repair of cracks and leakages. With the aging of your pool, you would need to give additional care to your pool.

The different aspects of keeping your swimming pool clean are manual cleaning, chemical treatment and filtration. Make sure that all these aspects work properly.