Saginaw Pool Service

pool service in saginaw txSun Valley Pool Service is committed to providing customers with the best in safety and value. When you sign up for Saginaw pool service you will receive diligent pool inspection and maintenance services. Your pool and system will be maintained with great care so you and your family can enjoy a clean, safe swimming environment.

Sun Valley provides the very best pool service in Saginaw, TX keeping your pool pH and chemically balanced and your pool system operating at optimum level to keep you safe from bacteria, viruses and germs. Sun Valley’s skilled, licensed, insured pool service techs use the powerful Hammerhead Vacuum to clean your pool. They empty strainer baskets and Polaris or automatic cleaner bags, scrub the walls, steps, floor and tile surfaces of your pool, and backwash and clean your pool’s filtration system.

The majority of other weekly pool service companies use an old fashioned method of vacuuming the bottom of the pool. They connect a hose to your skimmer and push all the debris into your filter. Sun Valley Pool service in Saginaw’s state of the art Hammer Head Vacuum is battery powered and doesn’t need to use your pools filtration system. The Hammer Head vacuum leaves your pool spotless every week and keeps large debris and dirt out of your filter. This adds to water clarity between pool filter cleanings.

You can relax, secure in the knowledge that your pool maintenance is in good hands with Sun Valley Pool Service in Saginaw, a family owned business operating successfully in the DFW area since 1982. With a Better Business Bureau “A+“ rating and a membership in good standing with the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, you can feel confident trusting Sun Valley Pool Service in Saginaw TX. Their team of expert pool service professionals adhere to the highest standards in licensing, insurance and certification as required by the State of Texas.

For the best in Saginaw pool service in the Dallas/Fort Worth MetroPlex, just call:

817-358-9102 (Tarrant)
972-831-1234 (Dallas)

Find out how you can enjoy a free month of weekly pool service from Sun Valley Pool service in Saginaw Texas. Don’t be afraid! Sun Valley Pool Service never requires a contract. We know you will love our service and trust you to keep coming back for more! Call us or use our handy web contact form to give us a try today!